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  • Technology In Electronic Music In The 20th And 21st Century

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    Discuss the development of musical form and its relation to technology in electronic music in the 20th and 21st centuries. Music has evolved a lot since when it was only orchestral and vocal, but in the past 100 odd years music has really moved on. It has particularly been shaped by technology as it grew more and more advanced. The most recent years of music have made a turn for, what some people would say, the worse, but most people don’t care about the reasons which I will mention below and can

  • Pop Music : The Perspectives Of Music, Influence, And Behavior

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    Modern day pop music only differs slightly from the perspectives of a consumer or listener while taking the aspects of sound, conception, and behavior into consideration. Sound being the literal sound generated from pop’s rhythm and beat. Conception the history of modern pop, where it came from, and why it is relevant today; and behavior being how the genre can affect mood and behavior. All three aspects will contrast two similar, but distinctly different perspectives derived from personal experience

  • Patliness And Death In Funeral Blues, By WH Auden

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    He wants everything to be silent and also that the coffin should be bought out with muffled drum playing. He wants the aeroplanes to announce the message that his loved one is dead to the whole world by scribbling it in the sky. He wants the doves to wear black crepe bows around their necks and the policemen to wear black gloves so as to symbolize

  • Caribbean Music History

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    over from Africa. The most important instrument in Caribbean music is the drum. Besides being the foundation of African music, which slaves brought with them to the area, drums are inexpensive, simple and can be handmade. Nearly all Caribbean music possesses a strong beat created by drums. Most drums are some version of the bongo or the larger congo, which is a smooth wooden drum that is played with the hands. Tassa drums are conical hand

  • Musical Instrument

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    Argument Essay Aubrie Cox 17 October 2012 To Play or Not to Play It seems that no matter what at some point in a child’s life they wander up to their parents and ask, “Mom, Dad, can I learn to play an instrument?” Whether or not it is the guitar, drums, piano, or flute a child could possibly have the thought of wanting to learn how to play an instrument. When Mom and Dad end up saying no to their child they should stop and realize that when a child knows how to play a musical instrument it can help

  • An Exploration of the Malay Kompang

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    AN EXPLORATION OF THE MALAY KOMPANG Name: Chan Tsui Sze Dora Matriculation Number: U1210644K Seminar Group Time: 1330 – 1530 Seminar Group Instructor: Cikgu Zubir Assignment: Research Paper in Malay Music Date: 10 April 2013 Word Count: 2245 Contents Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Kompang 3 1.1 Features of the Kompang 4 1.2 Features of Kompang Music 4 1.3 Performance Context 6 Chapter 2: Influences on the Malay Kompang 7 2.1 Arabic Influences

  • Analysis Of Darius Milhaud, A French Composer

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    Steel Drum. The steel drum is a skillfully hammered 55-gallon oil barrel which has been carefully tuned by hand to produce perfect musical tones (“Steel Pan History”, 2017). It was developed on the Caribbean island of Trinidad during the early years of the 20th century

  • Lion Descriptive Essay

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    Rapid clacking noises of the rim of the taiko drums began the opening ceremony. All I saw were bamboo sticks and mechanisms connecting my eyes and ears while my hands held the mouth. I jumped up and got in my crouching position. The bass of the taiko drums vibrated in my heels and chest; I felt alive. Adults and children, watching my partner and me, were amazed and a little scared. As I shook and swung the 20-pound lion head around, I realized my effect as a leader on the crowd. As I feasted on the

  • Essay On Bring It On

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    textures- monophony, homophony, and polyphony are used. Again, repetition is found a various numbers of times as the lyrics, “i got you” are sang. The timbre is composed of the entire pit orchestra; two guitars, two pianos, a drum set, a bass, and other percussion instruments, but the drum set is heavily featured. The timbre is also composed of the male and female singers on stage, varying in all voice types- soprano, alto, tenor, and bass. “I Got You” was the most entertaining and lively song of the show

  • Correlation Between Music and IQ in Children Essay

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    1. Introduction This project investigates the effect which the playing of a musical instrument – namely the drums – has on one’s intelligence and academic ability. A search of the literature reveals that studies of this kind have been conducted by other researchers in many parts of the world and has led to the conclusion that music is an extremely healthy activity to be involved in. A study conducted on school children in America concluded that children who took voice or piano lessons had higher