Dry counties of Kentucky

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  • Teacher And Administrator Perception Of Professional Development

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    Cooperative districts. Kentucky is home to eight different educational cooperative districts, with the Green River Regional Educational Cooperative district (GRREC) housing approximately forty public school districts and post-secondary education institutions located in western and central Kentucky (Terrell, 2016). The research study includes fifteen of the GRREC member districts authorizing use of their district as a research site. These districts include: Adair County, Breckinridge County, Caverna Independent

  • Russell County Coalition Case Analysis

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    Introduction The Russell County Coalition will centralize resources for low-income living within Russell County, Kentucky. These resources include clothing, canned, and dry goods found within local food banks and clothing from church ran clothing centers. It is the mission of the Coalition to improve the quality of life for low-income individuals in the Russell County, Kentucky area. The program will do this by assisting low-income individuals and families within Russell County with food, and clothing

  • Illegal Conflagration Research Paper

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    "It's truly too terrible in light of the fact that he's not an awful child — he's simply misinformed," said James Stephens, the police boss in Jenkins, Kentucky, where Johnny Mullins (21) was captured for the current week on a moment degree illegal conflagration charge. "He jumps at the chance to do Facebook recordings and have

  • On the Farm

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    droughts are when the amount of moisture cannot maintain the average crop production. When water reserves do not have the amount specified by a statistical average, it is referred to as a hydrological drought. John Mahan, a farmer that lives in Paris, Kentucky, has experienced a rain shortage himself, in June 2011. In the Paris area, farmers received “a deluge of rain and small windows of opportunity to get in the field and plant”

  • What Are The Long Term Effects Of Prohibition

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    ​ There are quite a few long-term impacts of prohibition. The first is that prohibition had a big impact on the brewing industry. Many breweries closed and never reopened again after prohibition. Anheuser-Busch survived Prohibition by making other products, such as ice cream, root beer, malt extract and corn syrup.[1] An example of how prohibition affects breweries after prohibition was that in Saint Louis there were twenty-two breweries but after prohibition only nine reopened. [2]

  • Mammoth Cave National Park Research Paper

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    Geology of Mammoth Cave Kentucky Introduction Mammoth Cave is found in Mammoth Cave National Park that was founded in 1941. Currently, it is the longest cave known in the world with approximately 350 miles of underground interconnected chambers and passages. Mapping and exploration continues and seems like it has no end. Mammoth Cave National Park is situated near Park City in south central Kentucky. It lies in forested and hilly areas of three counties; Hart, Edmonson, and Barren. It occupies about

  • Essay Abandonment in The Bean Trees

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    Kingsolver, many characters have been introduced to the feeling of abandonment. Abandoning or being abandoned is constant in the novel and Kingsolver uses it to link all of the characters together. Taylor Greer has lived in Kentucky all her life. Yet, the life available to her in Kentucky is not what she always dreamed of: "none of these sights had so far inspired me to get hogtied to a future as a tobacco farmer's wife" (3). Living with her mother, Taylor becomes more independent and striven to find

  • A Career In Cosmetology

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    Career and College Research Paper Cosmetology is the general work on others hair and skin. The area of cosmetology I am going for is hair. I find working on other people’s hair fun and interesting. Makeup and nails are other areas of interest for me. I am going to be studying cosmetology to become licensed as an entrepreneur for hair, makeup, and helping to make the lives of others better. It is important to understand the education or training requirements, skills or training, salary and benefits

  • Jack Daniels Company Reflection Paper

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    Week One There are many successful businesses in the world today. There are some that have made millions quickly then fade away, and then there are businesses that have tradition. The ones that have a history generally know what their customers want. Not only do they know what they want, but also strive to keep the needs of their customers the main focus at all times. The company I am going to dissect during this class is the Jack Daniels Company. The history of their company, and the fact they

  • The South As Defined By The Crops Grown Within The Plantation System

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    The South as Defined by the Crops Grown Within the Plantation System John Shelton Reed asked, “"The South: Where is it? What is it?" (Reed 1994, 5). This paper will define the American South by the crops grown within the plantation system from the American Colonial period through the end of the antebellum period. The South has been an economically distinctive region reflected by the historic dominance of the plantation system. For this paper, the crops grown within the plantation system include