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  • The Influence Of Grime And Trap Music On The Media And Carrying Out An Analysis On A Newspaper Article

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    Grime and trap music have slowly found their way to the top of mainstream popular music culture over the last decade. Grime is now one of Britain’s largest and well known musical styles as it is taking over from American Hip Hop and can be widely heard over radio stations such as “Capital 95.8fm” and “Kiss 100 Fm”. What Jazz was from the 1920s to 40’s or what R&B was between the 70’s to 80’s. Like most genres of music which have made mainstream popularity such as Rock n Roll, Grime too tends to

  • Informative Speech For Electronic Dance Music

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    I will be talking about is Dubstep, House, and Trap A. The first genre of music I will be talking about is Dubstep. 1. Dubstep originated in South London, and traced back to the Jamaican sound system in early 1980’s. a. This type of music played in secret underground clubs. This genre was taboo to most people. 2. Dubstep was made popular in the United States by an artist named “Skrillex.” a. The music website Allmusic classifies The overall sound of Dubstep is classified as “tightly

  • Concert Analysis

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    two completely different music styles, they were both fun to attend and interesting to think about when considering their musical elements. Steve Aoki is an American electro house musician, record producer and founder of Dim Mak Record. Datsik is a Dubstep DJ and music producer from British Columbia, Canada. “The Brown Bag Series” was an instrumental concert consisting of six people, one being Professor Golove, who played instruments such as the cello, the double bass, and the piano. Steve Aoki and

  • I See Stars: New Demons Review

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    music and metal music very well. Although ISS attempted to do that in prior albums, the electronic elements would often feel awkward and forced, and sound somewhat out of place. In this album, the integration of different electronic music such as dubstep, drum and bass, and even house music is amazing. In New Demons, the electronic elements feel like they are actually part of the music. This might be due to the assistance of many electronic producers like Celldweller, who are specialists at incorporating

  • James Blake Research Paper

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    try James Blake and never regret it. Born James Blake Litherland, the 27-year old musician is slowly taking the world by storm through his sheer talent in crafting and performing songs. James Blake’s focus are genres such as electronic, post dubstep, R&B, soul and experimental which translates to everyone how flexible his skills can really be. Aside from his innate vocal prowess, James Blake is also notoriously known in playing the piano and EDM-inclined instrument called the synthesizer. He

  • Is Jazz Really Dead Essay

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    Jazz. A label associated with brass, dance and America. A music filled with so much life and force — but to the general appeal, it appears to be dying. Drowning amongst pop songs and dubstep, it seems that the fate of jazz will resemble the one of dusty library books that have never seen the time of day. But is Jazz truly dead? Or does it — to quote Frank Zappa — just smell funny? About a century ago jazz was considered as popular music and was considerably the most influential movement at the time

  • Bruce Springsteen's 8-Track

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    Have you ever considered a time capsule? What do the items in this big barrel really stand for? Say you were to find a time capsule from the 1980s. You find inside an 8-Track tape of Bruce Springsteen’s The River released in 1980. What do you think of this? Do you overlook the meaning and see it as a representation of the type of music played in the 80s, Pop/Rock? Or maybe you see a significance that reaches far beyond just a type of music. Maybe you notice that this 8-Track represents not only music

  • Adam Young Biography

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    that promise (even when fun may not match the song’s content). This album is fun not only because the songs have great, mostly upbeat rhythm but also because he experiments with lots of sounds and genres in the album. You have everything from a lite dubstep, “Thunderstruck” (feat. Sarah Russell), to a country sound, “Back Home” (feat. Jake Owen) and everything in between. Besides teaming up with British Trance artist Sarah Russell and country singer Jake Owen, but also the amazing Aloe Blacc, boy band

  • Cultural Identity Essay

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    A person's cultural identity is difficult to define because it’s comprised of many different aspects of life, and it’s always changing. I’m 16 years old and I am 5’5 feet tall. I was born in Mexico but once I was 3 years old we moved to the United States. My ethnicity is latino. Many view me as caucasian because as a kid I was really blonde and also my skin color was very light. Also many of us in my family were very thick and i was really skinny. In the part we lived in California there were a

  • Satire In Spring Breakers

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    Harmony Korine, embarks on the coming-of-age adventure of four stereotypical college girls on the beach of Florida for their spring break, followed by them getting mixed up through a tangle of convoluted experiences in this stomping ground, full of dubstep, booze, sex, and violence. Possibly the one of the most style-over-substance movie in recent years, Spring Breakers does not underscore its plot and narration and instead grooves on the feeling of drugged wistfulness and alluring visual style, aided