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  • Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall By Penny Junor

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    Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall is about to release her biography The Duchess: The Untold Story, written by royal biographer Penny Junor, which reveals more details about her affair with Prince Charles that lasted for years. In an excerpt published by the Daily Mail Friday, Junor reveals Prince Charles’s sorrow and pain he felt the moment Camilla Andrew Parker Bowles announced that they would marry in 1973. Camilla and Charles had first met two years prior Camilla's marriage and had been madly in

  • Characteristics Of Princess Diana

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    Abstract Princess Diana was known as the people’s princess; but Diana was much more than that. Diana was an activist, humanitarian, public servant and a leader. Princess Diana’s entire adult life was focused on helping those less fortunate, those suffering from debilitating diseases and offering aide to people from third world countries. Diana didn’t just contribute time but focused on attracting the attention of the media which brought spectators and in return brought followers. These followers

  • Princess Diana Of Wales : Bulimia

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    Princess Diana of Wales: Bulimia “I had bulimia for a number of years. And that’s like a secret disease. You inflict it upon yourself because...you don’t think you’re worthy...you fill your stomach up...and it gives you a feeling of comfort…it’s like having a pair of arms around you,” Princess Diana explains about bulimia (Frey). Bulimia is a disability often misinterpreted as a form of anorexia, and people think they can identify a bulimic by their looks. Bulimia is when someone binges or overeats

  • Princess Diana Essay

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    Throughout Princess Diana’s lifetime she loved, cared, and helped others along the way. She had many accomplishments in life. Such as her children and her many organizations.      Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 at Park House, a residence on the royal estate at Sandringham. She was the third of four children and the youngest daughter. Diana was born to her father Edward John Spencer Viscount Althorp and mother Frances Roche Spencer (King 27). Diana shared

  • Princess Diana's Effect on the United Kingdom and the Monarchy

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    Born on July 1, 1961, Diana Spencer had no clue of the life she would someday live. Diana grew up as the daughter of the Viscount and Viscountess of Althorp. However, they divorced 8 years after Diana’s birth. Diana lived with her father and attended preparatory school in Norfolk. She then went on to attend West Heath Girls’ School in Kent, where she failed her O-level exams. She dropped out of West Heath and her father sent her to a finishing school in Switzerland. Before she left England for school

  • Princess Diana

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    Each morning I stuck my key into a small gold key hole into the back entrance of her residence. The residence was absolutely stunning. There were flowers with the most exquisite scent. The landscaping was ridiculous, it was sheer perfection. The grass was always trimmed to perfection as well. There was never a weed in between the cracks of the cement. The palace was extravagant. The whole palace was made of the finest materials, it was beautiful. The roof was even made of gold. Despite the royal

  • Essay on Princess Diana

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    The luxurious limousine ripped through the town; the city lights blurred as they whizzed around towards their destination. Arriving, she steps out, a woman so lovely a woman so dazzling you’d have to shield your eyes for protection. Media moved in like crows putting camera lenses in her face, microphones pressed against her for a comment, as she struggles yielding herself from the constant harassment and persistence. Princess Diana of Wales always knew how to make an entrance. Rich, poor, famous

  • What Role Does Kate Middleton Play In Society?

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    Middleton has many roles in the society, first of all she’s married to Prince William that makes her the royal highness. The Duchess regularly undertakes Royal engagements in towns and cities across the United Kingdom, with her husband, on her own and with members of the Royal Family such as The Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall. One of her other royal duties roles that she does a lot is charity work. Some of the charities that Kate Middleton supports such

  • An Analysis Of Merlin's Rape

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    Arthur is conceived through trickery. The King Uther Pendragon commits rape through deception by masquerading of the Duke of Cornwall in order to sleep with his wife Igrayne. Since Igrayne later marries Uther this act could be seen as acceptable since rape can be excused if the rapist marries their victim. The fact that Merlin facilitates it means that it serves a greater purpose or will at least helps Merlin to fulfill his own agenda. Arthur’s nativity associated with the prophecy of the sword

  • Air Pollution And Bone Pollution

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    It is not only the lungs that can be damaged by air pollution. Even bones are in danger for people whose homes are near polluted areas, a new research, published in Lancet Planetary Health, from Columbia University, said. After studying the records of more than 9 million people, researchers at the University discovered that slight increases in airborne particles from vehicle emissions are linked to lower bone density. Pollution likely affects the production of key hormones and bone minerals that