Dull Knife Fight

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  • The Flight Of The Nez Perce And The Cheyenne Odyssey

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    The flight of the Nez Perce and the Cheyenne Odyssey/Exodus were two equally important parts of American Indian history. Nez Perce and the Northern Cheyenne shared a similar passion of wanting to be left alone in their lands but yet were forced off of them. Where they shared similarity they also had some differences in the specifics of their stories. This short paper will delve into the Nez Perce of the Far West and the Northern Cheyennes of the Great Plains and their truly admirable stories. For

  • Myths Of The Knife

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    The knife is one of the oldest tools used by humanity so it should come as no surprise that there are almost as many myths about knives as there are types of knives. These myths are not just some old folk tales told around a camp fire but myths that are actually thought to be true in the present day time. There are myths about how to care for knives and myths about how to use them. They all have something that sticks in the mind or they would not have lasted long enough to become myths. Any buyer

  • Reflection Paper On Smits

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    psychological value as stated by David D. Smits in his article Indian Scouts and Indian Allies in the Frontier Army. The use of Indian scouts were in commission in the finding and force surrender of legend status Natives, like Geronimo, Crazy Horse and Dull Knife. The Cheyenne and Sioux scouts that were going against everything

  • A Backstabbing Country

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    A Backstabbing Country There is a knock at your door. You open it to see that it is a general of the United States army. He tells you that you must leave your home immediately and move to a piece of land that the government has assigned you. If you refuse, the military will have to interfere. All of your tight-knitted community members have heard the same message within the last week. This, in a less modern sense, is what happened to the Northwest Indians of the United States in the late 1800s to

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Newspaper Article

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    broken arm that night. Additionally, the children are quite young and it is unlikely that they would have been able to fight and stab a grown man. There were two knives at the crime scene; a kitchen knife from the Radley kitchen that was used to stab Bob and a switchblade knife that belonged to Bob. Tate said, “Bob Ewell’s lyin’ on the ground under that tree down yonder with a kitchen knife stuck up under his ribs. He’s dead." Next, “Mr. Tate reached in

  • The Cheyenne Tribes Of The Native American Indians

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    Cheyennes to move to Oklahoma. Today, there are two Cheyenne tribes. The Southern Cheyenne live in Oklahoma while the Northern Cheyenne settle in Montana. The Cheyenne had an interesting culture and way of life. Boys were taught how to hunt, fish, and fight from their fathers. Girls learned how to cook, clean, and do chores around the house. Also, the children went to school and played with dolls, toys, and games. For example, the Cheyenne kids enjoyed playing the hoop game and lacrosse. A Cheyenne

  • Essay

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    knows the cure or the reason it came. The blamed it on witches and burned some of the women, but that only spread the disease by air. Children were forced out of town with masks full of natural herbs and flowers. The children made groups that would fight and try to be the biggest. Some of the groups were violent, while others tried to help. Club Warlock, is the most violent and horrible group. Steve, Richard, George, and Erin were Club Wave and created many things including shelter for other clubs

  • Custer's Revenge at the Battle of Little Bighorn Essay

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    Custer's Revenge The Battle of Little Bighorn is one of the most significant battles in American history. This is not because of the weaponry used, the casualties, or even the battle strategies. This is because the battle is one of the only big battles that Native Americans won against the U.S. military. After this battle, the Native American power in the West ended. Ironically, by winning the Battle of Little Bighorn, the Sioux and Cheyenne actually sped up the downfall of Native American

  • Utilization Of Macbeth

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    play's style. The utilization of the extraordinary happens toward the start of the play, with three witches foreseeing the destiny of Macbeth. This provides the gathering of people some insight into what's in store for Macbeth. "At the point when the fights lost and won" (Act I, Scene I, l.4)

  • Summary Of ' Broken Promises '

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    Broken Promises Nebraska was home to many Native Americans, including the Ponca tribe, who took great pride of their homeland. Many people think the Ponca tribe was once a part of the Omaha, Osage, Kansa, and Quaqaw tribe. These five tribes lived in an area east of the Mississippi River. No one knows the exact date of their separation or why they had separated, but it was believed to be as early at 1390, and as late as 1750. The Ponca tribe was never a very large tribe. In 1789 the Ponca was living