Duncan Kane

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  • Personal Narrative: Logan's Locker

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    it had an air of mystery to it. Duncan Kane showing up to school with a broken nose? Not as much of a mystery, especially

  • Analysis : ' Veronica Mars '

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    Inhaling and exhaling a deep breath, Veronica tried to ignore the ticking in her head that counted the seconds she’d been seated at Dominick’s. Her table was a strategic choice; far from, but angled towards, the door- a perfect position to watch for any man that had the slightest potential to be CA152. Talking to a stranger and daring to meet the man and be nervous about it, there was some silliness in that. Waiting at a table alone, with a rose as identification felt completely silly to Veronica

  • The Breakfast Club Short Story

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    “So I’m hanging there, butt-ass naked, waiting for someone to help me down and no one will, when Veronica just schwing-” Wallace mimed the flipping of a pocket knife, “whips out her little Swiss-Army-Barbie knife and cuts me down from the flagpole. Instant bonding agent.” Laughing, Wallace couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to tell that story; years after the trauma, it actually was pretty funny. “You carried a knife to high school? I’ve never actually been to public school, but it sounds

  • The Kill Switch

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    caught or killed. In this journal I will be predicting and questioning. G: I predict Tucker and Kane will rescue Dr.Bulkovo from russia Y: Tucker will get dr.bulkovo out of russia but he won't be able to go home R: The doctor talks about de clark and the chemical wepon R: the chemical weapon coulb being presued and he nees to get to it first Y: He is very close to the extraction zone R: Tucker and Kane have plans with sigma to get picked up at volgograd and they are less than 100 miles away R: Tucker

  • A Realist Look

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    The End of St. Petersburg: A Realist Look Two years ago, I made my first film. It was called “Freelance” and I wanted to make a more realistic-looking film. I don’t like quick cutting or jump cuts. So, I wanted to have longer takes, pans, and medium shots. I would only use close-ups only when it was necessary. I always felt that having too much cutting in a film, jump cuts, and too many close-ups took away from the viewer. I felt that it wouldn’t leave any room for development and give the audience

  • Exposing Children to Violence in Gerard Jones' Essay Violent Media is Good for Kids

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    In Gerard Jones' essay “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” he argues a position not taken by many in today's culture. Jones advocates children should be exposed to violent media in order to overcome real life hardships. The problem with Jones' argument arise when he fails to develop his somewhat dated ideas and leaves his audience questioning how effective such exposure would be. In the exposition of Jones' essay, he tells the story of his sheltered childhood. Growing up in a “progressive” family

  • Movie Analysis of "Jaws".

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    Released in 1975, Jaws was probably one of the best adventure, action, and suspense films of that era. Directed by Steven Spielberg with the following staring main cast members Roy Scheider as "Martin Bordy" (chief police officer), Richard Dreyfuss as "Matt Hooper" (marine biologist), Robert Shaw as "Quint" (local fisherman), Murray Hamilton as "Larry Vaughan" (town mayor). "Jaws" the movie, is not like any other any other fish story. The film is about a gigantic 26 foot shark that has an appetite


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    on coming up with viable ideas for durable, multipurpose children’s furniture products those consumers would consider a good value. The only structure he imposed was having one person report directly to him. Thus, he appointed Kane the group head, in large measure because Kane was the first to be hired, but also because he had made such a positive impression on him. When the eight people began work at Merit, they did not know each other. Given Kirschner’s rather broad mandate, they also did not know

  • Citizen Kane

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    When I first saw this clip of Citizen Kane (Orson Welles, 1941) my first instinct was that it was comic relief. The extremely frustrated director, Jedediah trying so hard not to fall asleep and of course Bernstein reclining back in his seat more interested in playing with the playbill then watching Susan on stage. While this scene may be rather humorous a lot about both Susan and Kane is revealed through emotions and actions of the two. As the clip progresses it begins to become less and less humorous

  • Movie Review : ' The Great Gatsby '

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    one I had the most anticipation for—Citizen Kane. Numerous critics have declared it to be the greatest movie of all time and I couldn’t disagree more. I found the story hard to follow and I couldn’t connect to any of the characters. Nonetheless, the film still has its merits. It was one of the best examples of a film being used as a tool in communication. The message was profound and it gave me a great deal to ponder. At the beginning Charles Foster Kane was on his death bed and just before he passed