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  • Mr. Rogers ' Neighborhood

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    For many Americans, the simple mention of the word “neighborhood” immediately conjures up memories of Fred Rogers singing the iconic theme song of his long-running PBS show, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood.” A typical episode of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood featured appearances from many of Mr. Rogers’ neighbors, such as Officer Clemmons, a black police officer who would often drop by to teach viewers about the job of policing, to impart some practical wisdom for living peacefully with one’s neighbors, or

  • Foster Care Ethics

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    Hennessy Garcia Humans naturally form their own institutions such as a family, system of government, business, etc.… Institutions/groups are deceiving and get away with a lot. For instance, cigarette companies advertise a product that can cause cancer. However, it seems that no one blames the company for selling it. They will blame the individual for smoking it. It is easier to blame the individual for making terrible choices, but it is ignorant to solely believe that individual is at fault for