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  • Narrative Essay About My Birthday

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    happen to those precious earrings. I wore those small earrings everyday. I was committed to those earrings just like a woman going to church in the 1960s. I wore them to school, soccer practice, bed, and in the shower. Those earrings never came off my ears, until one day. A couple of summers ago when I was twelve I took off the earrings because I got a new pair. That was also the same summer that I got a new dog, and those things do not go together. The day I took out my gunky backed earrings I did

  • The Splendid Story of My Ear Piercing

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    you the splendid story of how I got my second ear piercing. I got them done sometime in December at Claire’s I believe. I got my first holes pierced when I was a year old, just like one of my best friends Cassie. She had gotten her second holes a few days before mine because there was a snowstorm the day my parent were going to take me and therefor I had to wait a few days until the streets were clear again. When I had asked about getting my second ear holes my mom immediately said yes, which is

  • Becoming A Piercing Expert Essay

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    world have been piercing areas of the body, for cultural purposes or for fashion. The ages can range from a newborn to adulthood. I happened to come across a job that one of my main responsibilities was to pierce a person’s ear. At first I was very nervous on account of making sure the customer would walk away happy and to use the proper skills I learned through training. To become a piercing expert you must have knowledge in the type of metal to use, have the proper Instruments, align the area to

  • Female Genital Mutilation : When A Cultural Practice Develops Clinical And Ethical Dilemmas

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    Gibeau, Anne M. 1998. "Female Genital Mutilation: When a Cultural Practice Generates Clinical and Ethical Dilemmas." Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic & Neonatal Nursing 27 (1): 85-91. Female genital mutilation may be currently reaching a changing point in its history. It is a cultural practice that is considered to have long standing importance but female genital mutilation presents to most developed nations a need for education and a need to clarify ethical dilemmas regarding it. In most cases

  • Jimi Hendrix's Life After The Vietnam War

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    the drums and guitar pickup gradually and get faster with unison of slowed and rough notes. With the hard beating drums, almost like a machine gun firing blankly into a battlefield, dictating the pause and change of the ear piercing guitar strings. In unison of the 2 instruments it creates an intimidating vibration of infidelity and guilt about murder, lingering a story behind the tune. Hendrix injects elements of jagged ragtime blues and Hendrix's new rock, combining them in a unheard

  • Bodily Piercing and Tattooing

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    Bodily piercing and tattooing are regarded to some as art or adornment, to others, a purposeful religious sentiment. Many individuals fail to entirely consider the fulminant risks associated with penetrating subcutaneous tissue with foreign bodies. The human body is composed of complex systems and mechanisms, which interact in order to maintain homeostasis. When deviancy disrupts the bodily chemical reactions, the internal processes operating to uphold optimal living conditions will be altered.

  • College Admissions Essay: How Music Changed My Life

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    picked up a clarinet. It was my sister’s, collecting dust while waiting for me to play it. From the moment I produced my first sound, an ear-piercing squeal that frightened my dog, the path of my life took a turn for the better. I began teaching myself for the following three years, along with learning from my sister how to properly play the beautiful instrument. The music pushed me out of my comfort zone: concerts that forced me onstage, tests that made me play difficult songs, and teachers that

  • Body Modifications: Tattoos and Body Piercings Essay

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    How far is too far when it comes to body modifications, such as tattooing and body piercing. Until those who tattoo and pierce to excess, realize the stigma they are placing on the art, the United States government should regulate where and to what degree tattoo artists can legally tattoo or pierce. To answer the question of why people tattoo, one would have to look back to how the early civilization made a living and their opinions on the world around them. Prehistoric people may have been the

  • Example Of A Biographical Essay

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    In my church’s charity event, I stand behind a microphone and a music stand. My ears hear clamorous noises. I am waiting for what seems like an eternity. To my left, I hear high-pitched vocal warm-ups. To my right I hear blasting and loud eruptions from the tuning of instruments that vibrate the stage. At a distance I hear low beats and piercing crashes, with occasional hums and heels of bass. Finally, it is time to start. I cough a little to prepare my voice. The whole ensemble sits in silence,

  • Rock 'N' Roll: A Brief History Of Folk Music

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    world before. The high, piercing, unearthly sounds of the guitar seemed to come from other realms. Electronics did, in fact, make possible sounds that no instrument up to that time could produce. And in studio recordings, multiple tracking, feedback and other devices made possible effects that not even an electronic band could produce live. Electronic amplification also made possible a fantastic increase in volume, the music becoming as loud and penetrating as the human ear could stand, and thereby