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  • The Discovery Of The Earth

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    We started on Earth, a small planet, really, in a small galaxy that no-one had ever heard of before. Then, when the Earth died, humans moved away. Some boarded the space-carriers bound for the colonies on Mars, others took the long-haul to another galaxy entirely, where a planet so similar to Earth had been found that they started calling it "New Earth." Both of those expeditions were apparently short-lived. Mars didn 't sustain life nearly as long as had been projected, and New Earth suffered a similar

  • The Journey Of The Earth

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    Pre-launch; Earth The moment humans have been waiting for for decades is finally here. The first manned flight to the planet Mars, the furthest terrestrial planet from the Sun. After a century of only dreaming, it has finally become a reality. So many years of planning went into making this first launch possible. Mars’ orbit is the most eccentric of any planet in the Solar System. At it’s fastest it moves at a speed of 26.50 km/s, slower than the Earth’s and at it’s point closest to Earth it is 55

  • The Age Of The Earth

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    believe that the age of the earth is a side issue, of non doctrinal importance, that one can believe in an old or young universe. The Christian apologist William Lang Craig believes that it hurts Christianity when Christians hold to a young earth position (Craig holds to a local flood as many other Christian apologist and Christian). The reason they give is that it is not scientifically possible, others have posited that it hurts the gospel message. Others have said young earth believers unwittingly damage

  • The Earth And The Stars

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    There are creation stories which try to explain where the Earth and the numerous stars came from. There are other stories whcih take on a less grand task and only try to explain a single celestial object. Some believe that the stars and the Earth are intertwined and the motions or strange appearances of objects directly relate to what is happening on the Earth. There are also beliefs that the stars and night sky are the Heavens viewable from Earth, where everything must be perfect. If things were not

  • The Science Of The Earth

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    continent ... Our planet is a speck of dust in the solar system. Depending on the development of human society in different periods of human history, the way in which the universe is interpreted was changing. It started from the interpretation of the Earth as a flat plate that floats on water, than the hypothesis of the Big Bang, and about what will happen in the future we cannot even imagine. Every human epoch had some idea of their universe, so it is today. For this assignment, we had to gather at

  • Earth Science: Exploring the Geology of Planet Earth

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    physical geology of the earth consists of a Core (inner and outer), the mantle, the asthenosphere and the lithosphere. The inner core is primarily a solid ball about 70% the size of the moon and thought to consist of an iron-nickel alloy with a temperature about the same as the sun. The outer core is a liquid layer about 1500 mils thick that is composed of iron and nickel, just below the mantle. The mantle is divided into layers, and is a rocky shell surrounding the core of the earth with about 84% of

  • The 4 Elements Of The Four Giantss Of Earth, Water And Earth

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    The 4 Elements Once upon a time there were 4 giants 1 fire 1 earth 1 water and air. They all covered the great plains of the united states. Though back then there we only mountains there. Fire was north earth east water south and air to the west. Those 4 giants were all kings of the great plain the human however each praised one of them and if you did not praise any you will vanish into the center of the earth. They all lived in peace and harmony. The mean and jealous one Fire Wanted the

  • Essay On Earth Day

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    Earth Day Ana Aguilar SOC 302 Forests & Culture 2020 marks for the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day, in that year the main focus will be to end plastic pollution (Earth Day). The first Earth Day was on April 22, the 1970s all throughout the U.S. Know it's a global event that people from all over the world celebrated. Before the movement started in the 1970’s, a great oil spill happened that Santa Barbara had in California, 1969. Thus, the oil spill encouraged Senator

  • Flat Earth Society

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    In recent news, a new community has outwardly spoken on the theory, the earth is flat. This community calls themselves “The Flat Earth Society” or “Flat Earthers”. This began around the mid-20th century and has rapidly grown with the expansion of social media, and influencers such as rapper B.o.B and basketball player Shaquille O’Neal. This society believes that the Earth is a flat disk, similar to the United Nations Flag (Figure 1), where the sun works as a spotlight to create night and day.(Figure

  • Earth And Venus Similarities

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    outer planets; the four inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, are known as the terrestrial planets because not only are they the closest to the sun, but they are also "Earth-like," meaning that they are similar to Earth's composition and structure ("What is a Terrestrial Planet?"). While these three planets bare close similarities, the planet that closely resembles Earth is Venus. Known as the "Sister Planets," or the "Twins," Earth and Venus are said to share close similarities in relation