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  • The Pros And Cons Of Pollution

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    by Outdoor Photographer Magazine. He specializes in environmental themes documenting how humans impact the Earths landscape and environment. He has produced more than 30 stories for National Geographic Magazine on many different environmental problems. In the article Pollution written by Peter Essick he provides great facts and statements to help support proof of what is happening to our Earth. The pros of this article is the simplified details that he gives on how pollution is made, and how it effects

  • The Pros And Cons Of Overpopulation

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    Have you ever dreamed of living in space on another planet? Earth is becoming crowded with 7.6 billion people and growing, which leads to more natural resources being consumed. Because of this, natural resources start to deplete faster. Overpopulation is affecting the earth in other negative ways, such as an increase in pollution. On the positive side, continuing to explore making a new home beyond earth leads to new technology, such as asteroid mining. Asteroid mining is necessary when attempting

  • Overpopulation Is A Controversial Topic

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    least 6.5 billion people on Earth. According to, Overpopulation ‘is main threat to planet’, the population is said to reach 9 billion by 2050. The overpopulation of humans is causing destructive impacts on the environment and a high demand for resources. One destructive impact would be climate change because of the exceeding rate of humans, causing pollution in the air. While the Earth is having a tough time sustaining particular resources, the high demand causes the earth to force to get its nonrenewable

  • General Circulation

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    cool air sinks, or subsides. If the Earth had no continents and did not turn, then the circulation of the atmosphere would appear much like this. [pic] The air at the Equator would be heated by the warm Earth and so rise, flow toward the poles where it is cooled by the cold Earth, subside at the North Pole and South Pole, and then flow back to the Equator along the surface of the Earth. But the Earth does have continents and it does spin

  • Rocky Planets Research Paper

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    are interesting to us for a number of reasons. By locating and observing them, we are able to gather a variety of useful data that tells us details about the planet, and then compare and contrast them to other exoplanets, as well as our own planet Earth. These comparisons are our attempt at better understanding the formation history of rocky planets such as the one we live on today, and furthermore understand the future of rocky planets based on their internal composition and proximity to their host

  • Global Warming: The World’s Biggist Hoax Essay

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    been helping us, and in no way is causing us any major problems. Co2 is a great airborne fertilizer, which as it’s concentration grows, causes additional plant growth, and causes plants to need less water. Without co2, there would be no plant life on earth, and we all know how much we need them. The additional 120 ppm

  • Causes Of Climate Change

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    Climate Change Climate change is a large-scale, long-term shift in the planet's weather patterns or average temperatures. Earth has had tropical climates and ice ages many times in its 4.5 billion years. From Climate Change in Australia 2016, changes to the climate system have been observed at a global scale, in the measurements of temperature at the surface, the middle atmosphere, increased, increased sea surface temperature, increased ocean heat content and increased water vapour in the atmosphere

  • The Problem Of Shrinking Diversity

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    planet Earth without plants or animals. What would it look like? Could humans live and thrive in such a world? What is scary is that in the future, such questions may not just be left to imagination. Humans have undoubtedly been affecting our environments since the beginning of our species from hunting to pollution. Some experts believe that we are now living in the period of the Anthropocene. Meaning, humans are almost solely responsible for the current state of the Earth. The planet Earth is now

  • The Pros And Cons Of Antibiotics

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    No one knows exactly what the future holds for the Earth or for mankind, but there are many things that are likely to occur or that are basically inevitable. Our growing population and demand for natural resources threaten to overwhelm our planet and ultimately, could lead to our extinction. The Earth of the future will be vastly different than the one we live in today, and it’s possible that it won’t be one you’d want to live in. As humans have evolved over time, so too have bacteria, which has

  • The Causes Of Global Warming

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    Global warming is one of the major problems facing the Earth. Our year is divided up into four seasons: summer, fall, winter, spring. Unless you live at the equator, you've likely noticed that each season has become slightly warmer and often drive than usual. Humans have been on Earth for a little over two hundred thousand years and the human population has been increased to over seven billion. According to the article “Global warming”, “Global warming is the unusually rapid increase in Earth’s average