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  • The Effects Of Climate Change On Earth

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    climate change has affected the planet in the past there were many problems to the earth millions of years ago. There were five major ice ages from the longest and first scientists believe occurred was two point four to two point one billion years ago during the early Proterozoic Eon there was an ice age formed and it was the Huronian. The second ice age was the cryogenian and it has been known that it produced a snowball earth in which permanent sea ice extended to or very near the earth's equator; this

  • Environmental Problems Facing The Earth

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    problem that faces Earth today is pollution. There are a bunch types of pollution on planet Earth but by far air pollution is the deadliest. Air pollution can inhibit the breathing of living organisms. Many major companies including Exxonmobil and Bp who are leading the air pollution race with a Exxonmobil averaging 39 million tons of emissions. These emissions are released into the air by the process of making gasoline and chemicals. The second biggest environmental problem Earth faces each year is

  • The Effects Of Climate Change On Earth

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    vapor, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O), have always been in the atmosphere. Without these gases, the Earth would not be habitable to most life because of the fluctuations of the amount of heat given off from sun (-18°C)! We need these greenhouse gases to capture the sun’s rays in periods of low radiation and heat the planet to sustain life on Earth. Greenhouse gases reflects infrared light back to the Earth’s surface where more heat absorption takes place, making the planet

  • Global Warming And The Planet Earth

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    Global Warming and the Planet Earth: We Broke It and We Can Help Fix It! Global warming is a problem, caused in large part by human activity, and as it stands, poses a monumental threat to the planet and all of its occupants; while mega polluters do not have an incentive to stop greenhouse gas production, we can, as individuals work towards the solution, greenhouse gas reduction, by improving our awareness and implementing the day to day measures necessary in achieving this goal. The purpose of

  • Plate Tectonics And Its Impact On The Earth

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    Plate tectonics occur not only just on Earth, but on other planets in the galaxy as well, such as Venus, Mars, and ancient Mercury. Since there are several planets in the Milky Way that have plate tectonics, it is questionable about if size is a key factor in the likelihood of tectonics on foreign planets. Vol-canoes, mountains, ocean ridges, earthquakes, and tsunamis all would not be possible without the movement of the Earth’s tectonic plates. Dependent upon heat for movement, tectonic plates are

  • How the Earth Was Made

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    Norse have the same way of the earth being made because they all have it that men made the earth. This story has it that the heaven and earth were integrated into one body that reminds you of an egg, that Pangu slept inside. He slept for about 18,000 years and then woke up. He noticed that he was in a vast of dark; therefore, he made his hands huge and cut into the darkness. After an explosion, heaven and earth started to split. He was scared that the heaven and earth may go together again, so he held

  • Radiation Exposure And Its Effects On The Earth

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    Dai 5 gradually travels away from the Earth. A chronic radiation exposure is the most accurate term to describe the level of radiation astronauts have to undergo in the flight to Europa. The spacecraft obviously does not naturally have a strong magnetic field constantly being generated by a liquid iron core that the Earth has to shield off most of the harmful radiation. An average normal radiation dose given to a person on Earth in one day is approximately 10 microsieverts. As indicated by the instrument

  • The Physics Of The Earth 's Seasons

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    average person believes that seasons are a result of the sun 's rotation around the Earth, but there is much more involved than what people assume. The Earth 's seasons are affected by many different factors such as the influence of different hemispheres, rotation of the sun, and greenhouse gases. They will also continue to change over time. The climate has a huge effect on the seasons and the population. The Earth 's seasons end up having a ripple effect on people, plants, animals, and agriculture

  • Analysis Of Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel

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    Sometimes the Earth is Cruel Essay Sometimes the Earth is more cool than you can imagine. After the high 80 earthquake on January 12th, 2010, Leonard Pitts, and award-winning journalist, wrote a powerful article to show the Earth's “cruelty” and the tragedy that struck Haiti. The article “ Sometimes the Earth is Cruel” portrays the Haitian people's response to an earthquake by using figurative language, a strong theme, and a powerful message. Throughout the article a strong theme of persistence is

  • Understanding the Compostion of Planet Earth

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    the Earth beneath our feet befuddled scientists. They understood that there was a fiery chasm constantly spewing molten lava. But what was underneath all of that magma, was there anything else? It would take thousands of years before a scientist could create a viable hypothesis for the core of the Earth. According to Edmund Mathez of the American Museum of Natural history, Inge Lehman, a Danish seismologist, published a paper in 1936 that suggested there was a solid inner core to the Earth, as well