East End of London

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  • Essay On The Picture Of Dorian Gray

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    London is a commonly utilized backdrop for novels, plays and films. The monuments make for stunning backgrounds in modern cinematography while the history and character of the city add meaning and symbolism to a number of works and the works, in turn, contribute to the reputation of London. In Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dorian is a beautiful young man with an increasingly corrupted soul as he is seduced by the city. The story of his decay takes place in two famous parts of London -

  • The Character Of Shoreditch

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    A dynamic and creating kaleidoscope of ability and innovativeness, it's practically difficult to discover a spot that matches the character of Shoreditch. Arranged in the East End of London toward the north of the City of London, this internal city locale is genuinely the epicentre of workmanship, creative energy and yes, hipsterism. Creative History Quite a long time ago characterized as "forlorn and unpleasant", Shoreditch has developed a wide margin in the course of recent years. Prior to the

  • Case Study On Shoreditch

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    into many areas and one such internal city region is Shoreditch. It exists in the present day Central London and the notable East End of London quickly toward the north of the City of London. Suburbia of Shoreditch were very appealing and enchanting hence, known to be an incredible place for tourism. Besides, it's been very long that Shoreditch turned into a trendy and well known part of the London city. Additionally the costs of property and land have risen now as it were. It is said that the city's

  • The Tale Of The Book ' Enchanted '

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    Never before had someone like this stranger completely captivated her wholly, at least no one who was alive. Yet as she stood before him breathlessly admiring his brilliant jade orbs, the young woman had forgotten the purpose of her venture into London 's East End. In that same moment, she was awestruck with this stranger and much like the Grimm fairy tales she had adored reading as a youth, she felt as if she had been dropped into her own gothic tale. The particular spell the stranger had weaved without

  • Jack The Ripper Essay

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    known as Jack the Ripper. To this day the identity of the killer remains a mystery. Five women were brutally killed in the East End of London, by a maniac who appeared to kill without warning and with no remorse. 1)What can you learn from Source A? Source A tells us that the two murders were aimed directly at the poorest people in East End at the time, and usually because of the poverty at that time, the women had to revert to prostitution so this tells us that

  • Analysis Of The Book Jack The Ripper

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    The Complete Jack the Ripper- By: Donald Rumblelow Publisher: New York Graphic Society, Year: 1975, Pages: 217 This book is about the history of Jack the Ripper, it's about his life and how he killed. It also talks about his life in the Whitechapel district was. This book is about how he killed and what Jack the Ripper did, it tells about his life and what happened (This book is out dated because we have discovered more since 1975). It also shows lots of pictures, they weren't very good pictures

  • Key Concepts Of Identity, Identification, Place And Social Memory

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    I am writing to compare two articles from two different sources. I will be exploring the key concepts of identity, identification, place and social memory and how theses sociological concepts are displayed within the articles. Identity is “the process that informs the way in which people see themselves and the groups they belong to and also how other groups categorize a person.” Pountney and Maric (2015) pages 144-5. “Identity is relational, situational and multiple. It is better to understand identification

  • London's Social Class in Robert Louis Stevenson Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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    members of the upper classes may have (through personal tragedy or loss) often moved to a lower-class status, but rarely did one see an individual move up from the abysmal lower class. Although poverty could be found almost anywhere in Victorian London (one could walk along a street of an affluent neighborhood, turn the corner, and find oneself in an area of depravity and decay), most upper-class

  • Victorian Era In The Victorian Era

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    As I began my journey through this research project I knew I wanted to focus on England, as it is one of the oldest counties and has such an intriguing story. With a history filled with rises and falls in laced with power and corruption and flourishing fueled by the industrial revolution, England is a legend in itself. Riddled with rolling hills and intricate underlying structures that make England's geographical map look more like the work of a craftful painter. (England) As I peeled back the many

  • Ripper Murders

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    just so happened that London was experiencing a phase of growth during the time of the Ripper Murders. The East End especially was effected, more so then in past years. Other cities like Whitechapel and Spitalfields Bethnal Green, St George and the East and Poplar, become extremely poor during the era of the ripper. This was partly because of the increase of immigration in London. The increase of immigration, caused a huge set of unemployment, therefore making the city of London and the cities surrounding