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  • The Conventions of the Soap Opera Genre with Reference to at Least Two Programmes

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    Weatherfield, Manchester. It is a successful soap that has been running for over 40 years. “Eastenders” is a more recent

  • Realism Essay

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    The setting of Eastenders is a mythical 1950’s setting with the street markets and the close community people knowing everybody else’s business. I think that they have made this representation look very realistic but I also think that people will find it hard

  • British Soap Operas Essay

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    British soap operas are, of course, overly dramatic. In nearly every soap opera, including the Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, and The Archers—the characters constantly discuss money and drink excessively. Of course, these shows are not made to be taken literally—they are mindless entertainment, not serious social commentary. However, behind the drama, they raise subtle questions about the nature of Britain today: the clashes between cultures and religions, upper and lower classes, and

  • Essay about Realism in British Soap Opera

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    Realism in British Soap Opera Using a media text as a key example, evaluate selected techniques of fictional production which contribute to a sense of realism consistent with genre or format used. Many have defined the term realism but these definitions by Watt and Williams can be easily applied to my choice of media text, which is the British soap opera. Fiske writes that Watt and Williams “….tend to define it by its content. Watt traces its origins to the rise of the novel in

  • The Positive Relationship Between Women And Soap Operas

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    Soap operas over the years have ended up obtaining a bad stigma that even Modelski says “if television is considered by some a vast wasteland, soap operas are thought to be the least nourishing spot in the desert” (128). Most people would explain them as over-dramatic, unrealistic, or even too “feminine” but Modelski tries to overcome the bad wrap soap operas have by shining light on the connection she has seen between women and soap operas. Her point is to “not ignore” but “focus on” “what is “feminine”

  • Why Do Bodies Recover At The Abode Of Ex-Eastenders?

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    Several Bodies Have Necessarily Been Recovered At the Abode of Ex-Eastenders As many as three bodies have been recovered during the search mission conducted by police officials so as to find out former EastEnders actress named Sian Blake and her two teenage sons. The actress and her sons cannot be traced since 13th December. According to the concerned Met Police officials, bodies were necessarily found in the garden and the murder investigation is under due course. An alert has been issued by the

  • Cambridge Weight Plan-Personal Narrative

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    lucky to live between the sea and the South Downs with some fascinating shops in between. My own neighbourhood in St Leonards Road is vibrant, alive and friendly, and was once described as being like “Downton Abbey meets the Mitchell bros 'off of' Eastenders”.

  • Womack's Stalker Case

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    Rombough, 22, from Ditchingham, Norfolk appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrates' Court on Monday. He was sentenced an eight week prison that is suspended for 12 months. The court heard that Rombough travelled 93 miles twice last year just to see the EastEnders’ actress at her home in Bedfordshire. In a statement read to the court, Womack said that the stalking incident had a “massive impact” on here life and she feared for the safety of her family. The actress also said that she “can’t stop thinking

  • Media Studies

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    Summer Homework: Waterloo road is a BBC one TV drama that focuses on teenage lives who attend high school; the plots are always focused on events in pupil’s lives within the school and outside of school. The show also focuses on adults related to the school or the teenagers/pupils. Waterloo road is not a watershed tv drama therefore is suitable for most age groups. The characters are represented in many different ways, for example represented by their class/status, sexuality, physical ability/disability

  • Essay On Dona Leonard

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    was Madonna, Pac-Man, Saved by the Bell, Full House. It was Ronald Reagan, the War on Drugs, assassination attempts and assassinations. It was the deep recession that formed the American dream for world success and money. But for my mom, it was Eastenders, Neighbors, Coronation Street. It was Margaret Thatcher, IRA bombings, the Royal Family. At first look, you would think Dona Leonard’s not from America. Her rich brown skin draws your thoughts to Indian, but she isn’t. She opens her mouth and her