East Riding of Yorkshire

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  • East Anglia, The West Riding Of Yorkshire And Stoke On Trent

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    This essay sets out to compare the localities of East Anglia, The West riding of Yorkshire and Stoke on Trent in an attempt to answer the question as to why industrialisation brought about economic growth in certain localities and contraction in others. In addition, it will be necessary to identify those factors which were responsible for industrial innovation, change and growth, as well as those which produced contraction. Furthermore, it is imperative to evaluate the impact of proto industrialisation

  • The Holderness Coastline Essay examples

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    The Holderness Coastline The infamous Holderness Coastline is located on the East coast of Yorkshire, stretching from Flamborough Head to Spurn Point. In the last 2000 years the coastline has retreated by almost 400m and since Roman times over 28 villages have disappeared into the sea between Bridlington and Spurn Head. About a million years ago the Yorkshire coastline was a line of chalk cliffs almost 32km west of where it now is. During the Ice Age deposits of soft

  • Stanza 2 Mayday on Holderness

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    ‘Mayday On Holderness’ Stanza Two By Ted Hughes In the poem, “Mayday on Holderness”, Ted Hughes analyses the relationship between man and nature. The theme of the second stanza is strongly focused on death, playing a part of the poem’s overall theme - the cycle of life. Another focus point of the stanza is the eternal being of nature and man’s need for it. Hughes picks up on the inferiority of mankind in comparison to “unkillable” nature. Hughes conveys the idea that nature is immortal and

  • The Industrialization Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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    There are many identifying factors unique to Britain that were responsible for industrial innovation, change, growth and contraction during the period defined by the industrial revolution in Britain. By about 1750 Britain had become a world leader as a trading nation, with London becoming the warehouse of the world. London also had an efficient financial centre selling services such as insurance, including shipping insurance. It is estimated that 600,000 people lived in London at this time and a

  • Lyke Wake Walk Research Paper

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    membership of the Lyke Wake Club. Its associated club has its own social structure, culture and rituals based on the walk and Christian and folklore traditions from the area of North Yorkshire through which it passes. The Lyke Wake Walk was started by a local farmer, Bill Cowley, in the North Riding of Yorkshire, England,

  • Filey Case

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    annual Edwardian and fishing festivals are great favourites with the local community and visitors. Until 1984 Filey was well-known as the home of a Butlin's Holiday Camp which at its peak catered for up to 10,000 people a week. Between the North Yorkshire, coastal resorts of Scarborough and Bridlington is the seaside resort of Filey, famous

  • Past, Present and Future for Education System

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    Past, present and future for education system Sponsored by Published on undefined NaN undefined NaN NaN:NaN From: David H Rhodes, Keeble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York. THE school examination results have been announced and no doubt many students are rejoicing in what they have attained through very hard work. Congratulations to them. This does, however, bring an air of confusion as to the genuine merit and value of the grades attained. Correct me if I am wrong, but I believe that 50 years ago only

  • The Influence Of The Vikings

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    After the Romans left Britain in AD 410 Anglo-Saxons started to occupy the land, and the Angles settled down in East Anglia, the Midlands, and the North. (Wales, 2006, p. 34) In the seventh and eight centuries, Britain was divided into seven kingdoms from which Northumbria was the most powerful. Later this kingdom lost its authority and status as the power started to concentrate around southern kingdoms. (Barber, Beal & Shaw, 2009, p. 108) Scandinavian influence The first Viking attacks took place

  • Why We Read Literature

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    Why we read literature The word literature means ‘acquaintance with letters.’ With literature we can put anything and everything into words and play it like a video for someone else to see. It is a profession where words are arranged in such a way that they describe, feelings, emotions, experiences etc. it describes society and the people living in it, what they think of it and what they want it to be. There are many reasons to why we read literature. We could read it for information which is to

  • The Port Of Hull Stands At The Junction Of The Inland River Ships

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    It is widely considered that the port of Hull Stands at the junction of the inland river ships and top of Humber in Kingston, hull in east Yorkshire, England. As 2010 major ports joint by the UK port operations, dealing with one million passengers each year, it is the main cork wood import port of Britain. This essay is going to introduce the main trades in this port such as fishing industry, wool imports, coal exporting, imported meat trade, fruit, timber and grain trade in the past hundreds of