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  • The World Of The Eastern Hemisphere

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    the original explorers whose triumphs and success stories inspired future travelers to discover the unknown world of the Eastern hemisphere. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, Europe was in need of an intervention, something to bring life to the dull communities throughout the continent. Marco Polo brought exactly this, and contributed so much more with his travels across the world, bringing back religious morals, new spices, new languages, and new commercial goods that were never heard

  • Communism And Eastern Europe : World War II

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    Corey Greenblat Dr. Nestorova International Studies 2251 6 October 2014 Communism Supremacy in Eastern Europe: World War II shocked and dismantled many Eastern European countries leaving Europe in a state of shock, with many unanswered, open ended questions. Buildings were blown up, streets cracked, people slaughtered, and governments destroyed. As turmoil struck Eastern Europe, an opportunity arose for a new political system to come into power. However, this process is never a simple one; two common

  • The Conflict Between Syria And The Middle Eastern Region Of The World

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    Geography 142 Life In Syria Syria is a country located in the Middle Eastern region of the world, and is currently in the stages of developing. It is located on the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea and lies between the neighboring countries of Jordan, Israel, Iraq, Turkey, and Lebanon. Much of Syria’s economy is based on agriculture, oil, industry and services. All of which are major reasons why Syria could be a developing country. Syria’s population has been steadily increasing since the 1960’s

  • The Western And Middle Eastern World

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    The Western and Middle Eastern world have historically opposed each other in religion and politics. The United States has had an exclusive presence in the Middle East; mainly concerned with oil, the protection of Israel and the containment of communism. Tensions became significantly more strained between these two during the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran, the capital of Iran. The hostage crisis took place during the chaotic aftermath of Iran’s Islamic revolution and its overthrow of the Pahlavi

  • Tagore And Romanticism In Eastern World Literature

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    Being impacted by the occidental romantic poets like Wordsworth, Shelley, Byron, Keats, Yeats and Coleridge, he invents a new kind of romantic world and pervades romantic principles and sensibilities in the Eastern world literature by keeping protect the romantic genre. It can pertain the principles, allusion and aesthetic thought both with Tagore’s romanticism as well as Western romanticism .The crucial feature of the nineteenth century romanticism based on the imagination and fancy, therefore

  • Eastern Clasico : Japan Korea Rivalry And The 2002 Fifa World Cup

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    Eastern Clasico: Japan-Korea rivalry and the 2002 FIFA World Cup Joshua S. Manalo It is not new for East Asia to host a major international sporting event. Tokyo hosted the Game of the XVII Olympiad, more commonly known as the first Olympics in the continent of Asia in 1964 — and will be hosting it again in the year 2020 (Olympic Movement, n.d.). Japan then could have hosted the sporting event more than two decades earlier but it was cancelled due to its imperialist expansion and subsequently, the

  • The Cold War Was A War Between The Western And Eastern Sides Of The World Essay

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    The Cold War was a war between the western and eastern sides of the world. The war was a big intense political discussion between conservative and social democratic parties across Europe. The war majorly was between the United States and the Russian Soviet Union. The war started around 1945 and went on for close to 45 years. The cold war affected more than just the Soviet Union and the United States it affected the whole world. The leaders of the United States were, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry

  • Mindfulness : The Religious Ideologies Of The Eastern World

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    Mindfulness derives from the religious ideologies of the Eastern world, specifically originating from Buddhism. Mindfulness represents a state of consciousness in which an individual is completely aware of the present moment. The intense awareness of the present moment allows the individual to acknowledge the feelings, thoughts, and emotions being experienced in a nonjudgmental manner. Mindfulness involves cognition about cognition, and the ability to observe thoughts impartially. However, present

  • Historical Criticism Of The Thousand And One Nights

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    the world bring us tales of some of the most famous characters such as Aladdin, Ali baba, Sinbad and many more. No one really know what the origins of the text are from but most people assume it is possibly an Arab text or a Persian text. I’ll be discussing about how no one really knows that the origins of the text is or what the original work looked like. Also explaining how people around the world have interpreted the text over the years and how it has influenced cultures around the world over

  • Cultural Practices Influence The Way We Perceive The World

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    Cultural practices influence the way we perceive the world. Our Western world is more exposed to “different” things yet have a difficult time accepting Eastern cultures and how things beyond us work. A major issue that is affected by culture is sexuality. A subtopic of sexuality is, slut shaming. Slut shaming is, “the act of making any person feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviors or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations,” (Your Dictionary). My outside