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  • Echinacea

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    Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) is one of the nine species in the Asteraceae/Compositae family, related to the daisy. The North American origin gives insight to its first use in Native American herbal medicine. The plant is commonly used in minor respiratory infection remedies and labeled as a functional food for its properties in increasing antibodies when served in as an herbal drink or pill. Further analysis of this functional food will give light to the common sources, clinical description and

  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Herbal Medicine

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    Echinacea is of family (Asteraceae). Active constituents and actions: The parts of Echinacea plant which are above ground, have less oils and pyrrolizidene alkaloids, as “tussilagine and isotussilagine” than the root parts. The main costituents of the upper plant are thought to be “caffeic and ferulic

  • The Power of Herbs Essay

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    The Power of Herbs Herbs are plants that have acquired some inherent value to humans (Keller, xiii). Three values that are relevant to this report are edibility, medicinal property, and toxicity. All plants have the potential to fall into the one or all of these categories. Contrary to popular belief, the study of plants is not a pseudo-science. This belief perpetuates the idea that herbs need not be taken seriously. The study of herbs as a science, herbalism, safeguards human safety when

  • Echinacea Research Paper

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    Echinacea is a perennial herb of the family Asteraceae native to North America, which reaches a height of 10-60 cm. Contains: carbohydrates, glycosides, alkaloids, alkylamide, polyacetylene and others. The healing species: Echinacea angustifolia, E. palida and E. purpurea are the types of Echinacea that are commonly used in medicine. (McGregor, R. (1968) Bauer R, (1990). The term "Echinacea ˝ comes from the Greek word echinos, meaning hedgehog, because of its tapered thorny seed in the head. It

  • The Effects Of Echinacea And Its Effects On The World

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    Echinacea is common herb that is often used to make herbal medicines. The leaves, flower and root are all typically used. It can be taken in pill form, as a liquid, or brewed as a tea. There are also many cough drops that contain echinacea. Echinacea is commonly used to fight infections, such as the common cold and other upper respiratory infections. Some individuals will take it at the first sign of the cold, while others will take it when symptoms have already started, in hopes that it will reduce

  • Herbal Supplements Essay

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    used to treat a number of ailments according to the benefits that different plant provides. Whether it’s a cold, pain, skin disorder, swelling, or some other form of ailment, herbal supplements, such as borage oil, cat’s claw, cayenne pepper and Echinacea are great natural treatment options for healing the body and alleviating common health issues. Borage Oil Commonly known as starflower, Borago officinalis is a herb that has gamma-linolenic

  • Common Cold Recovery

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    The runny nose, the painfully scratchy throat, and clammy body are all common symptoms of the common cold, a sickness that almost everyone has experienced in their lifetime. A cough heard in the cold weather is “normal” and even expected, but what if one never had to deal with problems like these again? Or if they did only have them with a fraction of the severity and a much quicker recovery time? By following three simple and very effective steps, one can recover more quickly from a cold and possibly

  • Black Cohosh Research Paper

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    body temperature and eliminating toxins. Some people have even used ginger to help out as a liver tonic and to prevent hair loss. Black Cohosh Black Cohosh is a herb that you may not hear all that much about, but it is re- ally good for helping women with their reproductive cycles and keeping them feel- ing good. It can help out with hot flashes as well as some of the other issues that come up with menopause and can affect the levels of estrogen in women. In addi- tion, black cohosh can help

  • Cb1 Gainer

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    Using the CB1 Weight Gainer The CB1 Weight Gainer is a natural weight gaining pill that was designed to help people who have a fast metabolism, a weak appetite, or some other issue which means that they struggle to gain weight. Many athletes use the CB1 Weight Gainer to help them to put on weight for their chosen sport, and the product is also popular with people who have lost a lot of weight through illness and are now trying to get back up to a healthy level. The CB1 Weight Gainer is a product

  • Deliver Your Immune System Essay

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    PREPARE YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Most adults suffer between 2–4 colds and flus each year. A person is contagious from the day before the illness breaks out until 1–3 days after they feel better. A cold usually lasts only a few days, while the flu can last several weeks to a month. The symptoms of a cold can include a general feeling of discomfort, a headache, nasal dryness and/or runny nose, and congestion of the upper respiratory tract. The flu, a viral infection, is highly contagious. The symptoms