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  • Of Symbolism In Radiohead's 'OK Computer'

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    In a society so rigidly ruled by structures, Radiohead holds up a funhouse mirror to reveal its flaws and inner workings. Radiohead’s OK Computer reveals that society’s obsession with hiding vulnerability through repeating symbolism, lyrical metaphors, and By using repeating symbolic imagery, OK Computer shows that ruling power structures, like religion and corporations, center around vulnerability in how they gain influence and in how they are motivated. Additionally, in order to maintain their

  • The Dark Side Of The Moon

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    The Dark Side of the Moon and OK Computer are two of the most acclaimed albums by fans and critics. OK Computer currently holds the number one position for best album of all time on the websites Besteveralbums and Rateyourmusic while The Dark Side of the Moon holds the number two position on both sites in comparison. I discovered both of these albums in 8th grade and they have stayed with me ever since. As the years go by, I continuously find more meaning within these albums then I have in the past

  • Essay on Wartime Changes: the Transformation of Jimmy Cross

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    O’Brien’s story “The Things They Carried” has an open ending, which he uses to signal a new beginning with the transformation of Jimmy Cross. The transformation greatly ties in with one of the major themes of the story, that war changes people. Tim O'Brien provides his audience with a very descriptive image of both the physical and mental "things" the characters in the story carried. He gives the reader insight as to how the characters are physically and mentally dealing with the turmoil of the war

  • Cartoons And The Powerpuff Girls

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    “Ed, Edd n Eddy” and “The Powerpuff Girls”: Different Cartoons, Similar Traits Danny Antonucci, creator of the well-renowned children’s cartoon “Ed, Edd n Eddy”, did not originally make cartoons of the sort. His career had previously consisted of more explicit, adult cartoons; the animation was the result of a dare given to him to create a new production for younger audiences (Celebrity Bio). In a similar way, Craig McCracken originally called his cartoon centered around crime-fighting girls “Whoopass

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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    “The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not so much a movie as more of a long-running social phenomenon” (Ebert). The interpretation of the film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which was produced in 1975, opens the curtains to the cross on top of a church after being introduced to the characters by the huge, bright red lips. Promptly after the introduction the camera moves in a sensational gesture towards a just married couple that is walking to the front of the church with their wedding guests, carrying

  • Political Satire : Political Humor

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    Political Satire: Political Humor in Comic Strips and Mainstream Media When we watch the news, the events in the world of politics are discussed, we would hear about the showdown in Capitol Hill about a vote to appeal tax benefits or the President of the United States getting involved in the siege of war between two countries. But with a serious tone including humorous effects, political satire is expressed in comic strips in the back of your Sunday paper. Satire isn’t only relegated to comic

  • Satire and Propaganda Essay

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    Many see propaganda as undermining reason. Propaganda works with the emotions to get a mass to do a certain action. Since propaganda tries to remain hidden, are there any in the world who see it and try to uncover such propaganda? Satirical television and radio shows as well as newspapers challenge the conceptions of which we take for granted and of which are propaganda. How does satire function in relation to propaganda? First, one must define propaganda and since many have done so already

  • One Vignette O Brien: An Analysis

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    creates an incongruence between the retold version and the first version a reader discovers when reading the novel. The story of Curt Lemon exemplifies this because in the first version Lemon paints himself like a ghost and goes trick or treating, but O'Brien leaves out the parts that make it seem incriminating so the event seems very innocent. However, the version he told in "The Lives of The Dead", as told by Rat Kiely, is a much darker version. "See, what happens is, it's like four in the morning

  • Mr. Corden Narrative

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    “Beep, Beeeeeeeeeeeeep” roared the cars ahead of me. Down the street to Yale College I go, I’m headed into Mr. Cordens comedian class. Where I go every morning! “You are not prepared,” my conscious said. Approximately one minute late, I got in trouble by…. The beast, the man everybody is afraid of, the man who made a ghost cry! Mr. Corden the head acting teacher. “Ellen Degeneres how come you are late!” said click, click Mr. Corden “I had to take the subway, ” I said “ Unacceptable!” “Ok class

  • Argumentative Synthesis "The Things They Carried"

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    fragments of the soldiers’ lives. These personal accounts of exact measurements attest the reader’s knowledge of war as well as the mental ability to calculate the exact weight upon each person’s hump through a fiction of mental and emotional agility. O’Brien quotes within Chen’s criticism stating, “A true war story, if truly told, makes the stomach believe” (Chen 77). This background knowledge of O’Brien’s theory that an “absolute occurrence is irrelevant because a true war story does not depend upon