Edgefield County, South Carolina

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  • Essay on Strom Thurmond

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    party and his ideology. Thurmond has been a strong influence on Southern Politics since his days as the Edgefield County superintendent of education. He has had a hand in most of the major events in the Southern political history of the 20th century. Strom Thurmond's career has been a reflection of the events in southern politics in several ways: his growing up in Edgefield South Carolina, his early politics on the matter of race, his sense of duty to the armed forces, and his Gubernatorial campaign

  • Essay about A Tale of Two Cities

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    During my active duty military service I had the opportunity to live in and visit many different cities. Of all the cities I lived in, I spent most of my military time in Charleston, S.C. and Jacksonville, FL. Charleston and Jacksonville were similar in size, geography and population types, but differed greatly in history, weather, and the overall attitudes of its residents. If I had to choose between the two cities as the place to call my home, it would be without a doubt, Charleston, S.C. Charleston

  • James Brom Thurmond Biography

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    Strom (James) Thurmond was born in Edgefield, South Carolina on December 5, 1902. He was born to John William Thurmond and Eleanor Gertrude Strom. His father was greatly involved in the community and seen as leader although his repute was question when he killed a man in 1897, but he claimed self-defense. James Strom was the second kid born of six. He dropped his name of James and changed it to Strom. His father, John William Thurmond was involved in politics like serving as a campaign manager, chief

  • When visiting the McKissick Museum I was engrossed by the American Folk Art, ceramic Face Jugs,

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    According to Hirst, it is believed that this art form originated in Edgefield County South Carolina, from African slaves who worked on the plantations as potters. They worked on

  • A Short Summary: The Battle Of The Alamo

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    Willow Carson Period 2 Sep. 20, 2017 US History Cozzi William B Travis a, US lawyer, was born August 1, 1809 in Edgefield County, South Carolina. He moved to Texas in the early 1830’s where he was known for his acts as a soldier, Lieutenant Colonel in specific. He had become in the movement for independence from Mexico, even leading a small band of Texans in revolt in 1835. Dates from Feb. 23 when Mexican army under Santa Anna attacked them to March 6, 1836, the force defended the fortress Alamo

  • All God 's Children : The Bosket Family And Southern Violence

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    that, in terms of the Bosket family, it begins in Edgefield County, South Carolina even before their arrival there. Slavery had been present in South Carolina since its founding and the white population had become exceedingly rich due to the trade. Also due to this, though, they had a significant number of African Americans in bondage, representing “59 percent of South Carolina’s populace… the highest proportion of any state” with “almost half of South Carolina’s white families [owning] slaves” (22)

  • Pros And Cons Of Wildlife

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    Wildlife management has been an area of concern for many residents of South Carolina over the past several decades. Recently, the issue has grown stronger and more present especially when it comes to the wildlife management policies, or lack thereof, concerning the state animal, the Whitetail Deer. Hunters and non-hunters alike, have expressed their concern over the management practices and general thinking when it comes to protecting Whitetails. According to the Department of Natural Resources,

  • Essay about Violence in America

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    Violence in America Beginning with the urban drug wars and the Rodney King riot all the way up the spectacular lynchings in Texas and Wyoming, and now the mass murder/terrorist strike by teenagers in their own high school, the 90s is a decade made numb by civil disorder. In between came the incidents at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, and Waco, Texas, involving dubious law enforcement assaults on separatists, which led to the terrorist bombing at Oklahoma City — the single worst terrorist act in American

  • White Collar Crime: The Effects and Punishments

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    White Collar crime has been a hot topic since the 20th century. Edwin Sutherland introduced the term at the fourth annual meeting of the Sociological Association. At this meeting he explained who this type of criminal is and what the criminal does for a living. Sutherland developed a theory to try and fit this type of criminal. The theory is differential association. There are four different pieces of evidence to understand the theory. White collar crime ranges from Embezzlement to Mortgage Fraud