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  • The Ediacaran Fauna Essay

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    had small horseshoe shaped heads. These worms resemble the modern Tomopteridae, which have heads similar to those of the Precambrian fauna, only wider. It now appears as though these marine worms are direct descendants from the ancient forms.The Ediacaran organisms are a clear foreshadowing of one of the most dramatic events in all of life's history-the rapid expansion of shell-bearing organisms. The earth's

  • Evolution Was Introduced By Charles Darwin

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    late Ediacaran and early Cambrian period. It introduced a number of phyla on the Earth, and significantly affected the animal

  • Precambrian Boundary Essay

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    (1987), the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary is located in-between Ediacaran Fauna, which is found somewhere between 620-700 million years ago and trilobites, such as the fallotospid group. This creates a period ranging between 30-50 million years in which we can define the Precambrian-Cambrian boundary, making it difficult

  • Arguments Against Dinosaurs

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    history, over the past 600 million years can be observed at Hallett Cove. Some of the oldest rocks have been found in these seas. The finding of the Ediacaran could potentially mean that there can be dinosaur fossils found in the ocean, or even that relatives of the ediacaran could be considered fossils and could be found in the sea. Although the Ediacaran period was well before the first appearance of dinosaurs it shows that there were fossils many years ago. When dinosaurs first appeared things had

  • Arguments In The Possibility Of Dinosaurs In My Backyards

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    Fossils found in our oceans are of the Ediacaran. This is not our only sea animals creating more evidence of dinosaurs being in SA, there has been rare and precious bones found in the floor of the 120 million year old Eromanga sea. This is clear evidence of dinosaurs roaming the shores of the inland

  • The Evolution of Animals Essay

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    The Evolution of Animals Eukaryotes come in two grades of organization: single-celled (protists) and multicellular (plants, animals, and fungi). The world today is full of complex multicellular plants and animals: how, why, and when did they evolve from protists? Proterozoic Protists A single-celled eukaryote or protist can carry chlorophyll (it can be an autotrophic, photosynthetic, "alga"), it can eat other organisms (it can be an organotrophic, "protozoan" "animal"), or it may do both

  • What Is The Beginning Of The Cambrian Explosion?

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    millions of years although it is described as rapid in geological terms. In this period of time, the Earth saw the rapid appearance of a wide variety of animals. Ecosystems became much more complex in the Cambrian Period to those that were seen in Ediacaran Period. As the variety and number of new organisms increased, they started to occupy new marine habitats and environments. Cambrian seas saw many animals of different shapes and sizes; some lived on the sea floor while others swam in the water. Early

  • Ediacan Fossils Research Paper

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    Surprisingly, he later found that they were from even before this time. The particular ones he found were called “Ediacara biota”. Upon being studied by peers, they found, “The biota is now known to have existed from 600 to 540 million years ago”. Ediacaran fossils are the oldest animal fossils we have. Many scientists

  • Cambrian Explosion

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    basic, made out of individual cells occasionally sorted out into colonies. The Cambrian explosion can be said to happen in waves. The initial, a co-evolutionary transformative ascent in differing qualities as animals investigated specialties on the Ediacaran ocean bottom, trailed by a second development in the early Cambrian as they established in the waters column. The pace of advancement found in the Cambrian times of the explosion is not paralleled amongst the marine creatures: it changed all metazoan

  • Essay about The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID?

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    The Cambrian Explosion: Proof of ID? In our studies of Intelligent Design (ID) theory and Creation Science, I found little information that seriously challenged the theory of evolution. However, there was one event that appeared to defy the logic of Darwinian gradualism: the Cambrian Explosion. This event was presented by ID theorists as proof of design--something which science is unable to account for. Unfortunately for ID proponents, this is not the case. There