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  • Not A Sidewalk By Edward Bloor

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    13-year-old character played in the novel, Tangerine by Edward Bloor. Paul, who moved from Texas to Tangerine County located in Florida was disabled. His disability of being legally blind has been the shadow of his life. Paul has an older brother named Erik Fisher, a mother named Mrs. Fisher, and a father Mr. Fisher. Erik is the star kicker for Tangerine High School. All of Paul’s life, Erik had been the fearful, scary older brother to Paul. In Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, Paul’s brother Erik, has a

  • Edward Bloor Identity Analysis

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    and his eyesight, which is his identity overall. Edward Bloor has developed the theme all over the story, and it’s seen in his characters, flashbacks, etc. This theme plays an important role overall in Paul’s quest in trying to grasp strength, and courage. The following are evidence, and commentary of how the theme has been developed over the two parts. We first get to see the first evidence of the theme in the first few pages. Edward Bloor used allegory, and symbolism to represent Paul’s past

  • Examples Of Similes In Tangerine

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    enduring ever since his family moved to Tangerine, Florida. The novel, Tangerine, written by Edward Bloor, describes how Paul Fisher sees the world through his thick-rimmed goggles due to his damaged eyesight from “staring at an eclipse.” Paul has to be circumspect around bullies and his older brother, Erik, who seems to have dissoluteness living inside of him. Throughout the novel, the author Edward Bloor uses literary devices such as similes to make the readers visualize the descriptive situations

  • Tangerine Paul Fisher Quotes

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    that your life would be massively improved without any of your family members in your way due to the all the tremendous effects they have and the unbelievable stress they put on your life? In Tangerine, a marvelous novel released in 1997 by author Edward Bloor, the main character and protagonist of the book, Paul Fisher, has his already not ordinary affected to an enormous extent by his family members, especially his mother, father, and his athletic yet unlikable big brother, Erik Fisher. In the book

  • Erik Fisher In Edward Bloor's Tangerine

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    In the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor Erik Fisher, Paul Fisher’s older brother, causes Paul to be bullied, less afraid of him, and more mature. Throughout the book Erik Fisher makes many decisions that cause Paul to be stronger and more mature. Erik does this by causing Paul to be bullied, causing Luis Cruz’s death, and betraying Paul’s trust. The first way that Erik Fisher affected Paul Fisher was by causing him to be bullied. On page 34 Paul is bullied by Erik and his friends. Erik and

  • Paul In Tangerine

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    soccer ball, or was it a football? Either way the only important ‘’SWOOSH’’ sound is the one that is heard on the sports fields that Erik Fisher plays. Why you ask? Because in Tangerine by Edward Bloor Paul Fisher will learn that even those visually impaired can see when someone is cruel. Author Edward Bloor lived in Trenton, New Jersey before attending Fordham University in New York, and now resides in Florida. He has penned books titled Crusaders, Storytime, and Soccer, Tangerine, and Me which

  • Literary Devices In Tanerine

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    A tangerine is not only a citrus fruit, but also a county in Florida that is home to Paul Fisher and his older brother Erik. In the novel titled Tangerine by Edward Bloor, Paul Fisher, the protagonist, is not only bullied at school, but also at home by his brother, while having to live in the house where his dad lives in the illusion of the “Erik Fisher Football Dream.” In this new county that Paul moves to, he constantly has to put up with natural disasters like muck fires and sinkholes. The move

  • Tangerine Quotes

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    Flashbacks, lightning, and sinkholes is some things Paul experiences in his new life in Florida. Paul, the main character, in the book, Tangerine, by Edward Bloor, faces three major consequences in his life that will affect him in the future. Paul is a seventh grade boy, who moves to Tangerine County, Florida, and loves to play soccer. His family believes he has an issue with his eyesight, but Paul thinks otherwise. Paul choices lead to a variety of consequences, good and bad. Moving schools, sticking

  • Examples Of Choice In Tangererine

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    Choices of Tangerine Have you ever met a monster disguised as a super star? In the novel “Tangerine” by Edward Bloor, Erik is a senior at Lake Windsor High School. Erik cares very much about the Erik Fisher Football Dream or the E.F.F.D. He is a star to his family, but a monster to his little brother, Paul Fisher, whom he treats like trash. Erik also chooses to slap Tino, force Arthur to hit Luis, and force Castor to spray paint in Paul’s eyes, which affects Paul in a dreadful way. The choice

  • Major Themes In Tangerine

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    story, every book, every tale, and every movie have a purpose or a theme written mixed in with the plot-the spice of writing. The novel Tangerine, a book about the main character’s(Paul) journey on figuring out how he got blind, is no different. Edward Bloor wrote this book about the valuable and wise lesson about the theme, seeing and not seeing. In this novel, there are many characters, such as Paul, and his parents, that see or don’t see figurately and literately characters of Tangerine are devolved