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  • Effects Of Plus Size In Fashion

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    was discovered as a plus-size model on Instagram, can be found gracing the pages of Vogue Italia, as well as other plus-size models like Ashley Graham, Vogue’s first plus-size cover girl. Seven years is relatively short time for plus-size people to push their way to the front of the fashion industry and it’s all because of one little thing—social media. The first thing to address is the term plus-size. The fashion industry infamously begins tacking on the plus at size 8. According to the CDC, in

  • The Effects Of Size Discrimination In The Fashion Industry

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    For many years there has been size discrimination amongst the fashion industry. Some companies want to say that women are too big or too skinny. Yet this may be true in some cases, this does not mean that their assumptions should affect who can and cannot model. When fashion industries are picking models, they should consider that not every woman is the same size and their weight, if healthy, should not affect their chances of becoming a model. A new study in the NCA’s Communication Monographs

  • What Are The Different Weighting Methods Used For Combining Effect Size In Studies When Conducting Meta-Analysis

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    different weighting methods for combining effect sizes across studies when conducting meta-analysis. This section will focus on methods used for binary outcome data and effect measures such as relative risks and odds ratios. The section will first introduce fixed effect and random effects analyses. It will then describe weighting methods that can be used for these analytic approaches. Fixed effect versus random effects analyses Fixed effect and random effects models are the two most common approaches

  • Why Volatility Diminishes As Pension Funds Investments On Stock Increases

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    Thomas, Spataro and Mathew (2014) test whether volatility diminishes as pension funds investments in stock increases. The hypothesis was pre-defined and clearly mentioned at the beginning of the study in an easy understandable way. To test hypotheses, they use a panel data of 34 OECD countries with specific time range from 2000-2010. They determine the independent variable which is equity market volatility and several dependent variables including the ratio of pension funds assets invested in shares

  • Statistical Significance

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    Journal of Counseling Psychology 1983, Vol. 30, No, 3,459-463 Copyright 1983 by the American Psychological Association, Inc. Statistical Significance, Power, and Effect Size: A Response to the Reexamination of Reviewer Bias Bruce E. Wampold Department of Educational Psychology University of Utah Michael J. Furlong and Donald R. Atkinson Graduate School of Education University of California, Santa Barbara In responding to our study of the influence that statistical significance has

  • Women's Experience Mortgage Credit

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    Woodstock Institute [10] and Cyr [11]. Dietrich and Johannsson [15] study used a multivariate model, which control for economic factors considered during the underwriting decision. They found 15 of 18 fair lending exams had no statistical gender effect on the decision to deny a mortgage. The Robinson [9] study found that applications for low-income women were more likely to be originated than men of similar income. Awoonor-Williams [14] found that being a female statistically did not increase applicants’

  • The Effects Of Restorative Justice On Juvenile Recidivism

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    Literature Review Current research available on the effects of restorative justice on juvenile recidivism range from meta-analyses of multiple studies to individual program studies. According to Bradshaw and Roseborough (2005), “The use of meta-analytic methods provides a useful means for summarizing diverse research findings across restorative justice studies and synthesizing these findings in an objective manner.” (p. 19). Four meta-analytic studies reveal an overall reduction in juvenile recidivism

  • Biology And Reading Comprehension Exams

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    At the start and finish of a school year, a group of Italian third- and fifth-grade students with diverse sociocultural levels underwent two studies in which their concurrent and predictive validities of the Naglieri Nonverbal Ability Test (NNAT) and Raven’s Colored Progressive Matrices (CPM) were investigated. The focus of the studies was on their math and reading comprehension exams. The NNAT study is a “nonverbal measure of general ability... intended to assess cognitive ability independently

  • The Major Problem With Nhst Essay

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    The Major Problem With NHST Kirk (1996) had major criticisms of NHST. According to Kirk, the procedure does not tell researchers what they want to know: In scientific inference, what we want to know is the probability that the null hypothesis (H0) is true given that we have obtained a set of data (D); that is, p(H0|D). What null hypothesis significance testing tells us is the probability of obtaining these data or more extreme data if the null hypothesis is true, p(D|H0). (p. 747) Kirk (1996) went

  • Correlation Between Alcohol And Alcohol

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    correlation was used because thee out of the four test for a normally distributed population were violated and the sample size was over 100. However, the correlation was not significant rs = -.114, n = 152, p = .08 (one – tailed). The amount of hours worked in a week had an extremely small effect on a person’s dependency to alcohol r2 = .01. This incredibly small effect size is consistent with the results of the significance test. With the correlation having no significance then it is accurate to