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  • Personal Speech About Education

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    Bucton, Christie Joy B. 2014-69713 Comm 3 X2-4 PERSONAL ADVOCACY SPEECH PLAN Title: Your little ways make a big difference Specific Speech Purpose: At the end of the speech, Comm 3 audience will have been convinced to help or to encourage, in their own ways, less privileged children to go to school. Statement: We can help children appreciate the value of education. INTRODUCTION I. Attention Step: My parents are among those parents who tell their children that, “education is the most precious

  • My Life : What Do I Want In Life

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    bench. My team didn’t want to play most of the time as we’re playing against the big guys. For small people, this is a big insult to us. I rebelled. I quit the game. I found a new passion: billiard. This time I wanted to become a world pool champion Efren Bata Reyes. Many told me that he slept on the billiard pool table to excel. I did what he did. But I didn’t get even just a quarter of

  • Thesis About Billiards

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    “Billiards in the Philippines” Efren “Bata” Reyes, Francisco “Django” Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo, and many more. Anyone who watches the sport of Billiards knows the names mentioned above. They helped bring the Philippines on to the world stage of Billiards. They made the Filipinos rejoice with their victories and the Filipinos cry with their setbacks. But one has to wonder, how did this sport once made this country crazy? How did this sport brought the Filipino dream on to greater

  • Prosocial Behavior In Society : The Causes Of Bystanderism?

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    Imagine a scenario where you are an 6th grade student being bullied constantly while everyone just watches, or a neighbor knowing that the family next door is abusive towards their children but you remain silent about it. These scenarios are what you call the phenomenon of “Bystanderism” where a person or an amount of people are aware of the situation where a person needs assistance of some sort but does not intervene. This individual remains a bystander as a particular scene unfolds. This can escalate