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  • Clara Oswald: Traveling With The Doctor

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    different time and galaxy, this is the life of the Doctor and all his companions. Doctor Who is a witty, sci-fi, British TV show, whose main character, the Doctor, spends his life saving civilizations throughout time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space). He has human companions who accompany him on his adventures;one of these companions is Clara Oswald. I identify with Clara because: I would love to travel with the Doctor, she is very kind, and witty, and finally, she knows

  • State Swim Analysis

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    for fun. Even though we competed in meets, I wasn’t a very competitive person until the my eighth grade year. In eighth grade, I began to take competing seriously and tried to focus on improving my times. I even joined Crawfish Aquatics, a swimming program that trains you on the off-season, that year. Then, I was given some devastating news. “Madisen, I you need to take a year off of swimming,” my doctor told me and my mom. This news crushed my world. I had been having trouble with my knees for

  • Ernest Hemingway's Writing

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    nonfictions, thus making him very aware of what he is writing. This gives him an edge over omitting certain descriptions. This technique is used in one of his story “The doctor chewed the beard on his lower lip and looked at Dick Boulton. Then he turned away and walked up the hill to the cottage.” Reader figures that the doctor is nervous, uncertain and maybe bit scared of Dick. Hemingway doesn’t tell the reader directly about the emotions and feeling, but leaves it on to readers to infer. The same

  • X-Rays-Personal Narrative

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    In the eighth grade, I had a game for my travel soccer team, Pinecrest Premier. We were now playing our eighth vigorous game together. Standing tall in the center of the defense, blocking every ball sent from the other teams’ midfielders. Until, the striker on the other team pushed me to the floor with all his might. I fell in an awkward manner, on my side, and landed painfully on my shoulder. While falling, I felt like a rag doll, I had no control over my body I was just falling. Then, after what

  • A Short Story Essay : The Tragedy Of My Life

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    back of train cars for years, took a toll on his ankles. He would always go to the doctors and complain of how bad his ankles hurt. All of the doctors said the same thing, “Rusty, you’re going to have to have an ankle replacement if you want the pain to stop.” He would always just say he didn’t need it, but finally, he could not take the pain anymore. He finally agreed to have the ankle replacement surgery. The doctors told him everything he needed to know. They told him that they would take out the

  • My Dream Life

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    into being born a day early, I was born to my mother, delivered by more than seven doctors, across the street from what is now my dream college.  I was what both my parents enjoy to mention as much as possible, a very difficult child ever since birth; as I had independently decided I would rather be different and special, and I came out sideways.  Which, due to my ingenious acts my mother who was surrounded by doctors, was in the best hands. When I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming someone that my

  • Personal Narrative: My Gestational My Life

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    decided to name me Layla Camille Herbin, which means dark knight and silent warrior. After seeing the boxer Laila Ali on television, my mother fell in love the name. My parents told me that immediately after I was born, my father took me from the doctor and raised me up to dedicate me to God. They describe it to me like the scene in the movie Roots. Before I was born, I went through a lot. One day my mother went to a doctor’s appointment and found that she had Gestational

  • Short Biography : Boise To Houston

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    It was bad. They hooked me up to Blood transfers and IV treatments.” They had seven girls in total. She was pregnant with their eighth. Jourdian had to work extremely hard to have enough money to raise his family. The hardest was him not finishing high school. Jobs were hard to come by for because of that reason. He, at one point, held three jobs at one time. He was a Carpenter,

  • Personal Narrative Essay : The First Day Of High School

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    It was the first day of my eighth grade year. I remember it vividly. I wore a blue button up shirt with a pair of jeans that I cut to wear as shorts and cuffed. I had blonde hair that fell halfway down my back and bangs that fell just above my glasses. I was excited and terrified at the same time. It was a new year; a new start. The last school year wasn’t so great. My mom was constantly going in and out of the hospital which meant I was pulled out of school a few times. I had to miss a state test

  • Autobiography Essay

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    As a child, I was always outspoken. I was the typical kid that questioned any and everything I encountered. Growing up in a Jamaican household, my mom and grandmother gave me the name ‘mout-a-massi’ which was patois (our english dialect) for blabber mouth. The people in my neighborhood at the time loved me. I was outgoing and always ready to lend a hand. I can remember a specific times where an old lady by the name of Miss.Peggy used to sit on her steps and read her folklore poetry out loud