Eldred v. Ashcroft

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    BRIEF AMICUS CURIAE OF ELDRED V. ASHCROFT IN SUPPORT OF PETITIONER QUESTION PRESENTED Does the Copyright Term Extension Act, which extends the term of a copyright to 70 years after the creator’s death, violate the “limited Times” prescription of the Copyright Clause and the free speech guarantee of the First Amendment? IDENTITY AND INTEREST OF AMICUS CURIAE We respectfully submit this brief amicus curiae in support of the petitioners, Eldred et al. The petitioners owned the copyrights

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    Introduction Longer copyright terms can prove beneficial for large mass media companies as evidenced by The Walt Disney Company’s lobbying for the Copyright Term Extension Act. This act, often dubbed the Mickey Mouse Protection Act, extended copyright protection for an additional twenty years in 1998. Consequently, Mickey Mouse is now set to enter the public domain on January 1, 2024. Disney will once again have the opportunity to lobby for extension and evade Mickey’s copyright expiration,

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    Intellectual products are considered as ‘non-excludable’ and ‘non-rival’ goods. Since intellectual products neither prevents a person to enjoy the benefits of a product over others nor does the use by the first person diminish the value of the product. Therefore, if property right over creative works are vested to the society then the price of a product will be zero, the prospect of any revenue will diminish and the incentive to create will fade. As such, there was a strong reason to implement

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    COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT & CASE STUDY By Raja Vijay Kumar Mulleti INTRODUCTION: In order to understand the concept of copyright infringement first we need to know about intellectual property and laws that are under intellectual property. Intellectual property is the property that is the invention or a creative work by one’s own idea or knowledge. There is law that protects this intellectual property by giving some restrictions to the persons who use it; these

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