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  • Political Party Vs. Politics

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    parties can be classified into three types’ i.e.; National parties, Regional parties and State parties. The status of the party is granted by Election Commission of India and after that it is reviewed occasionally. All the parties whether national, Regional or State party, they are registered with Election Commission. A unique election symbol is given by the Election Commission to every registered party Currently there are 7 National parties and 56 State parties. The total number of registered unrecognised

  • Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College

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    century, multiple elections between 2000 and 2019 have elected candidates against the overall nation’s opinion. The Electoral College blurs the general American view of their preferred presidential candidate. The presidential election can be more accurate and democratic by ordinary voters or members of Congress convincing lawmakers to agree to combine the popular vote with electoral votes, creating a proportional system which would best represent the nation’s views on the election. The national views

  • Electoral College Essay

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    take the power in the presidential office, than it does not make sense that the other candidate would win the election. However, the Bush versus Gore election was not the only time that a candidate with the minority of the votes to win. A similar election occurred in 1876 between Samuel J. Tilden and Rutherford B. Hayes. The Gale Encyclopedia of American Law states that “when the election returns came in on November 7, 1876, Tilden had clearly received the majority of the popular votes. However… with

  • The About Electoral System : Australia Uses Alternative Voting

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    of Ireland uses AV voting in their presidential voting, similarly British tried to switch to AV in 2011 instead of First-Past-The-Post (FPTP) by holding a referendum but AV lost. In U.S. history AV could have been helpful in the 1912 presidential elections when the Bull

  • The Politics Of The Media

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    honest like it was to be back when our great nation begin? Many American’s don’t believe the media today because of the views that the media takes. The 2016 election year was one of the ugliest presidential elections in the history of the United States between Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton. The news media play a big role in the election as they bring the news to the public about Clinton and Trump. The media is has changed the delivery form the traditional news delivery, to the now comical delivery

  • Should Voting Be Mandatory

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    rights that are documented in our Constitution and amendments. Freedom in a democracy is what empowers citizens to voice their opinions. The right to vote that activists fought and died for has given every day citizens the power to directly impact an election and the laws that govern us. Voting should not be mandatory because, it would take-away the history behind activist fighting for the right to vote, and will further diminish voters choice to not exercise their voting right. The history of the United

  • Absentee Voting in the United States

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    U.S Constitution gives the states considerable latitude in the way of conducting elections. The American citizens have many opportunities to vote. However, a turnout in American elections has dramatically decreased over the past several decades. In order to address this issue, majority of states have allowed absentee voting reforms. These convenient reforms are thought to increase the voter turnout in the elections, as well as to reduce administrative costs. There are several forms of absentee

  • Social Theory And Social Judgement Theory

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    Abstract The topic to be discussed here is one of the social sciences based on the theories Groupthink and Social Judgement Theory. I will propose a study to analyze the relationship between the number of hours of media an individual receives and its effects on his or her voting behavior. The participants of this proposed study will be registered voters between the ages of eighteen and seventy and residents of the United States of America. The primary method of collecting data will be through surveys

  • Essay Electoral College Reform

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    fiasco that was the Presidential Election in the year 2000, many Americans have been calling for a reform of the Electoral College. Most of these people were Gore supporters; disillusioned by the fact that Bush won the office of the President while, in fact, he lost the popular vote. The American people did not elect George W. Bush; the Electoral College did. Last year’s circumstance was the first of its kind in over a century. There have been many close elections, but none have resulted in the

  • Political Structure Of The Government

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    1999. Ideally, there is a presidential election every 5 years, with a limit of 2 terms per president. However, it seems as if President Bouteflika is not going to abide by that provision (Country Profile, Algeria 17). Algeria’s legislative branch is a