Electric Motor Essay

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  • Electric Motors And The Future Of Electric Motors

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    usually comes on. This involves a but ton of electricity. Our past ancestors would love to have these electric motors that we have today. You will find these motors from everything to electric trains and remote controlled cars. As an example we will use a computer. They usually have two but the biggest ones can have up to 12. They usually are used from the fan to cool it down and the hard drive. These motors are in everything we use these days. From the fans we use to the hair dryers to dry our hair. Without

  • Siemens Electric Motor Works

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    Ten years ago our electric motor business was in real trouble. Low labor rates allowed the Eastern Bloc countries to sell standard motors at prices we were unable to match. We had become the high-cost producer in the industry. Consequently, we decided to change our strategy and become a specialty motor producer. Once we adopted our new strategy, we discovered that while our existing cost system was adequate for costing standard motors, it was giving us inaccurate information when we used it to

  • Siemens Electric Motor Works

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    Background: The Electric Motor Works (EMW) was Siemen’s primary producer of low wattage alternating current (A/C) motors, which sales volume was contributed by 80% of standard motors and 20% of customized motors. Although the firm had started to alter their program and had expanded the business in 1974, they still could not decline the price sufficiently to compete with the lower labour rate in Eastern Bloc competitors. Instead of mass production, EMW changed their strategy to manufacture efficiently

  • Different Types Of Electric Motors Essay

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    green energy, applications of electric motors are expanding widely in motor industry, and different types of electric motors are used in all kinds of applications, such as, the public transportation, electric vehicles, and mechanical fans. Because of the variety of working conditions in distinct application usages, engineers are developing various control theories to meet specific requirements based on different types of power system and motor. Generally, an electric motor is a machine which can transform

  • Investigating The Effect Of Different Masses Hoisted By An Electric Motor

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    Isabelle Cunis): Using an electric motor, an experiment was performed to test the efficiency of the motor when the mass being lifted was increased in increments of ten grams. As the mass increased by each increment of ten grams, the motor efficiency decreased by an average of 7.439%. Our results were found by using the equation: efficiency=gain in potential differenceelectrical energy used Therefore, this inverse relationship proved mass affects the efficiency of electric motors. Introduction ( Jackson

  • Review Of Motors From Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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    Review of Motors used in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Ujjwal Singh Department of Electrical Engineering University of Texas at Dallas 800 W Campbell Rd, Richardson, Dallas (TX), 75080, USA uxs151330@utdallas.edu Abstract- This paper deals with the different motors used in the hybrid electric vehicles. The performance like the efficiency of induction motor, internal permanent magnet motor and switched reluctance motor is studied. In recent years permanent motors are often used for driving HEV. This paper

  • Hybrid Cars And The Electric Motor

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    internal-combustion engine and a fuel tank, as well as one or more electric motors and a battery pack.” (Edmunds) The gas is used to fuel the car but the main source of the power comes from the electric motor. There have also been companies, like Porsche, who have created hybrids that used an internal combustion engine that would turn a generator that powered an electric motor. A car with just the electric motor is not a hybrid, it’s just an electric car. Many companies have seen the growing field of hybrids

  • Electric Power, Motors and Generators Surround Us Every Day

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    of electric charge, so electric charge is everywhere and the electric charge has an electric field. An electric field can only be created by a positive charge and destroyed by a negative charge(Brightstorm, 2010). According to Bob emery, owner of senior physics website, to generate electric power it requires motion between a magnetic field and a conductor. Attraction of a magnet is limited to certain boundaries this is called the magnetic field of a magnet (Makemegenius, 2013). An electric current

  • The Electric Motor Company ( Tem Co

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    Executive Summary The Electric Motor Company (TEM Co) aims to design and mass produce the first, high-performance and fully autonomous Electric Vehicle (EV). TEM Co will be a pioneer in the autonomous EV sector. As the CEO I have established a bespoke business model which makes us second to none. There are two crucial components that will set us apart from the rest of the automotive industry. The first being, mass production and the second one will be in-house production of essential manufacturing

  • The Electric Vehicles Made By Tesla Motors

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    Survey of Tesla Motors Electric Vehicles NAIXUAN MA Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Rutgers University Piscataway, New Jersey, 08854 naixuan.ma@rutgers.edu 6 Abstract This paper mainly introduces the electric vehicles made by Tesla Motors, Inc. in many aspects, including comparisons with traditional gasoline-fueled vehicles, environmental impact, 5-years ownership cost, safety and ease of use. At last, drawing the conclusion that for a relatively long period, choosing a