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  • Advantages Of An Electric Vehicle

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    Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1. Introduction of Electric Vehicle An electric vehicle (EV), also referred to as an electric drive vehicle, is a vehicle that is powered by electricity stored in the vehicle in battery through the use of one or more electric motors.An electric vehicle is an alternative fuel automobile that uses electric motors and motor controllers for propulsion, in place of more common propulsion methods such as the internal combustion engine (ICE). EVs store electricity in an energy storage

  • The Hybrid Vehicle Is A Hybrid Electric Vehicle

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    Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV), or Humvee as it’s more commonly known. As the environment, technology, and mission needs change, so must the design and capabilities of vehicles used by the military. A version of the Reconnaissance, Surveilling, Targeting Vehicle (RST-V) nicknamed The Shadow is a hybrid electric vehicle developed to meet the changing demands. Its creation is intended to meet the demands of an ever changing battlefront and reduce the limitations posed by previous vehicles. This paper

  • Are Electric Vehicles The Future Of Automobiles? . Electric

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    Are Electric Vehicles the Future of Automobiles? Electric vehicles have been increasing in popularity because of the manufacturers claims about the vehicle 's so called, low emission rates. Big companies like Ford, Tesla, Chevy, and Nissan are the main manufacturers of electric vehicles (Miret). People have been buying into the idea of helping the environment and saving the world based on their claims. Electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions but that is not the entire story. The main concern

  • Electric Vehicles Vs Hybrid Vehicles

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    My recommendation report will be focusing on the Electric vehicles versus Hybrid vehicles by keeping in view two criterions. Problem The use of vehicles has solved many of our problems and has facilitated the human kind in many aspects starting from transportation purposes to the time efficiency. If we just be looking at the positive side of the vehicles then the negative aspects of the use of vehicles will be hidden from us. (Hooftman, Oliveira, Messagie, Coosemans, & Mierlo, 2016)The two important

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles ( Electric Vehicle )

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    clean running electric vehicles. An EV (electric vehicle) is a vehicle that gets some or all of its power for propulsion from the electric grid. These cars present one of the best alternatives to gas based vehicles as they are environmentally friendly, and circumvent the distribution of harmful elements such as carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Some of the manufactures for the EVs and their models include the Nissan LEAF, the Mitsubishi iMiEV, and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (part gasoline

  • Energy Vehicles And Electric Vehicles

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    effectively, the advertising techniques need to be different from traditional gasoline vehicles because the consumers must be able to compare the types of vehicles out in the market and find the type that best suits their demand. In this case, consumers are contemplating between traditional gasoline vehicles and electric vehicles (EV). There are three ways of advertising that carefully examine how each type of vehicle can satisfy the specific demands of their potential customers; therefore, automobile

  • The Electric Vehicle Essay

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    The Electric Vehicle The technology of electric vehicles has been around since the turn of the nineteenth century but faded as the gasoline powered engine took the spotlight. Now the future of electric vehicles is very bright. Their impacts are very significant ranging from economic, to new technology that can be applied elsewhere, to most importantly, the environment. Ford and GM, through its Saturn plant, have already begun production on their own version of the electric vehicle and have made

  • The Pros And Cons Of Electric Vehicles

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    Electrical vehicles are vehicles that use electricity to power the motors in order to run. Electrical vehicles are thought to be one of the solutions to greenhouse gases and global warming. While electric vehicles tend to produce pollution at times from their backup motors, electrical cars depend on a fuel source that doesn’t originate from burning fossil fuels, which produces fewer greenhouse gases and cuts back on oil consumption. Electric Vehicles are starting to replace combustion engine vehicles, and

  • The Impact Of Electric Vehicles On The Environment

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    industry creates pollution, “in 2013, transportation contributed more than half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides, and almost a quarter of the hydrocarbons emitted into our air” (ucs). Conventional vehicles, utilizing internal combustion engines, cause these harmful emissions, but electric-vehicles protect the environment while providing consumers with an efficient use of energy. Energy serves as a crucial factor in technology and allows society to operate, but certain usages harm the world. As

  • The Impact Of Electric Vehicles On The Automotive Industry

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    III. History of Electric Vehicles The steady increase in electric vehicles over the past 10 years is a result of gasoline scarcity. Many believe this reason plus environmental factors are what forced scientist to develop an alternative. The idea of a vehicle running off of electricity without a combustion engine sounds very extreme and futuristic. The majority of people fail to realize the electric car was originally introduced in the late 1800’s, but was eventually put to rest with the conveniences