Electric Wizard

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  • Building A Room For Public Functions

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    “This is our cafatorium.” The mayor said as they entered a large room next to the factory. “I sorry, you 're what?” Kris asked. “Our cafatorium,” the mayor repeated. “It’s a combination cafeteria and an auditorium.” Pointing to one of the long walls the mayor said, “The cafeteria serving line is on that wall.” “We have enough tables and chairs in here to seat everyone who works in the factory and then some.” “The stage,” he said, as he pointed to the wall at the far end of the building “Is back

  • Analysis Of The Poem ' The Bridge '

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    Vanessa loves the woods.She goes there every day, after doing her chores, and comes back at sundown, when the sun seeks under into its bed and while the moon rises up awake. One pleasant day Vanessa was walking in the woods with her puppy. She came upon a bridge that never seemed to be there, but Vanessa had taken this path a hundred times but she 's never seen a bridge, since it was getting late Vanessa left to go home. The very next day when the sun rised over the whole town, Vanessa quickly

  • Six Decisions That Will Change Your Life

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    Six Decisions that Will Change Your Life: Mature John 4:7-15 This week is the third week of our sermon series that accompanies our small group series based on Tom Berlin’s book 6 Decisions That Will Change Your Life. While we all make many decisions each day, these are 6 monumental decisions of our Christian journey. The first week we heard about the Decision to Follow, and last week it was the Decision for a New Life. This week we will discover what it means to make the Decision to Mature. Let us

  • Ap Essay On Pete's Day

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    arm around him. They cross towards a living room couch. NICE LIVING ROOM - James and Pete sit. Pete shows him the ring. PETE (CONTD) We-neg is probably the vilest wizard

  • A Short Story : The Story Of A Story

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    it at her. San-Tan catches the ball. Her eyebrows become slanted — lips slightly stretch to the side. She throws it toward the ground. The wizard laughs. WE-NEG (CONTD) Talk is flying on how your parents' heads had those pins yelling, “Please stop, Please stop at the nine pins.” Which one gave you the winning strike, my child? SAN-TAN You are sick, wizard because you disguised yourself as their friend and gave me the worst shock of my life, but why are you taunting me? WE-NEG You're paying for

  • A Short Story : The Story Of The Story?

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    Sorry, it's a private matter, but it's the humblest narrative of my life. I must continue my task. James walks away again. SAN-TAN I take being on private property a serious matter. You at least owe me a solid explanation! JAMES (faces her) The wizard came to Star-Child unaware. A food-fest will soon be impossible without her nutrients. SAN-TAN Since I grow up around here, let me be your backup-girl. I also heard what he did to his dad. JAMES Excuse me for asking, but how did you find out about

  • Cloak And Sticks And The Small Kingdom Of Copperville

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    Cloak and Sticks Once, in the small kingdom of Copperville. Copperville was a peaceful kingdom. Every year, since 1601, there was a grand feast and that was all excitement that happened in the kingdom. There was a princess who went by the name of Rose in the small empire. The princess was adored by all from her caring kingdom. She was kind, fair, and honest. All was undisturbed in Copperville until three days after the princess’s fifteenth birthday. A mysterious knock came upon the princess’s oak

  • Lilly And Olsen 's The Lunch Room

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    Lilly and Olsen Sisters entered in the lunch room. The lunchroom was filled with numerous students, some of them were sitting on the chairs and others were on the wooden benches. There was a smell of food everywhere in the room. Lilly with her friends gets in the line to take their meal. “What kind of smell it is?” said Lilly. “I think they made pizza,” said Morgan. “Pizza! What is it?” said Lilly. “What! You never ate it” said Vicki. “it 's very delicious and our favorite lunch meal,” said Morgan

  • Short Story : The Story Of Chapters

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    why wait? JOCELYN My folks are vacationing, and you'll have time to recover. I heard plenty of tales about the wizard I can share. JAMES (becomes excited) That's neat Jocelyn. We'll bring him and his wife a present later. Jocelyn nods. James reflects, runs a finger along the seam line of his pants. She motions to wave her hand. His eyes widen. JAMES (CONTD) No

  • The Meeting Of The White Council

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    Gandalf, of course, was thinking entirely about them when he had left for the west for if the wizard had joined them he could have ensured their protection during what is probably the most dangerous part of their journey. Nevertheless he knew of the dangers that followed if he had not left, as the business he had to the south was a meeting, a meeting that would be forever remembered by all the wizards from the western lands to the