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  • Electrical Engineering

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    coursework in Electrical Engineering to enhance my competencies in this field. I intend to complete my master's degree in order to pursue my doctorate. The research that I am most interested in pursuing at Northeastern University surrounds the optical properties of MEMS devices, and the development of substrate-based fast electro-optical interfaces. My interest in this area stems from my undergraduate study in MEMs development for tri-axial accelerometers.   Engineering has been a key

  • Mechanical Engineering : Electrical Engineering

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    Electrical Engineering Electrical Engineering is “ The branch of engineering concerned with the generation, transmission, distribution, and use of electricity. Its two main branches are power engineering and electronics (including telecommunications). Electrical engineering emerged in the late 19th century with the mathematical formulation of the basic laws of electricity by James Clark Maxwell, followed by the development of such practical applications as the Bell telephone, Edison’s incandescent

  • Sop of Electrical Engineering

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    Statement of Purpose Today, networking of every kind is fuelling the momentum of change. And in the process further transforming the way we live, work and play. The interplay and interconnections between various devices and systems is creating a world of surprises. To stay ahead in the fast changing world requires the ability to look beyond the present. Most new developments emerge in the USA and then spread almost instantly across the world. My country, India is also caught in the 'web ' of change

  • Electrical Engineering Importance

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    Electrical engineers are an important part of our lives. According to an article on “Truity”, “Electrical engineers design, develop, test, and supervise the manufacturing of electrical equipment.” Electrical engineers work around forty hours a week and will sometimes work overtime (“State University”). A bachelor’s degree or higher in electrical engineering is needed to get the job. Their median wage is about 71,610 dollars to 75,770 dollars per year (“State University”). They receive a lot of money

  • The Importance Of Electrical Engineering

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    Have you ever wondered about electrical engineering, or how important it really is to you? Electrical engineering is a type of engineering that shows the theory of electricity, construction of machinery, and power supplies, which was brought to people’s attention in the 19th century. There is a variety of majors that are associated in electrical engineering which can lead to many different jobs that need to get done. For an example some jobs that electrical engineers do is controlled air systems

  • Electrical Engineering Concepts And Not Mechanical Engineering

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    As a second year BEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering student a project had to be devised which would consist of Electrical Engineering concepts and not Mechanical Engineering. Groups were made so that tasks could be carried out by each member. Several project ideas were then made by each group member. The ideas which were thought of by myself included a hybrid solar and wind battery charger, a parking sensor and also remote control blinds (Appendix A). Research had to be carried out on

  • The Field Of Electrical Engineering

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    The field of Electrical Engineering is the field into the future. Electrical Engineers learn electricity’s principles, interact with electrical properties, and imagine its application for the future. Without any end in sight, the field is vast and growing with several thousands of companies dominating the field today. Additionally, electrical engineering is proving to be a stable career choice as there is a growing market for electrical innovations, advancing technology to assist in the education

  • Electrical Engineering

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    Electrical Engineering Work Performed Electrical Engineers research, develop, design, and test electronic components, products, and systems for commercial, industrial, medical, military, and scientific applications (Cosgrove 749). They are concerned with devices that use small amounts of electricity that make up electronic components such as integrated circuits and microprocessors. By applying principles and techniques of electronic engineering they design, develop, and manufacture products

  • Electrical Engineering : Electrical Engineer

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    Electrical Engineering: Just like any engineer, electrical engineers are also problem solvers. They design, invent and test newly developed equipment that came from a simple idea. They deal with electricity, electro-magnetism and electronics. Electrical engineers also deal with telecommunication, power, control systems and signal processing. Electrical engineers will usually use computers in order to design their ideas, yet some still prefer to hand draw everything. They will usually focus on products

  • Statement Of Sop For Electrical Engineering

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    world of Electrical Engineering where novel ideas are not a novelty. It is this novelty that entices me to this field and gives me a deep sense of professional pride. In this context, I would like to pursue my masters in Electrical Engineering, which not only supplements the knowledge that I possess but also provides a strong platform for my career goals. I Introduce myself as an undergraduate student specialized in Electronics and Communication Engineering from “Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College”