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  • Comparative Study Of Different Pwm Strategies

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    Comparative study of different PWM Strategies for Three Phase three-level Diode Clamped Multi-level Inverter M. Satyanarayana Research Assistant Department of Electrical Engineering University College of Engineering Osmania University Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA D. Naveen Kumar Associate Professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Guru Nanak Institutions Technical campus Hyderabad, Telangana, INDIA Abstract— This paper presents unipolar pulse width modulation technique with sinusoidal

  • What Is A Reflection Of What I Learned In Class

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    A Reflection of What I Learned in Class ENGL 1143, is a technical writing course that enlightened me on how to create technical documents such as cross-cultural business letter, letter on inquiry, professional memo, graphics creation and analysis, finding general web sources, conducting research in library database, individual recommendation reports, group proposal and group presentation professionally. I would consider my learning in the class a successful one because, I met the required goals

  • Evaluation Of A Microcontroller Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controls

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    is the creation of my thesis during my final year in engineering. The project is called “Microcontroller Based Three Phase Induction Motor Controls”. This is a partial fulfillment for my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Mindanao University of Science and Technology. This project commenced on June 2011 and ended on March 2012. I was under the supervision of Engr. Reuel C. Pallugna, one of the instructors in the Electrical Engineering department. Background CE 1.1 My main objective was

  • My Role Model In Life

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    As my father, Ladislao Trakal, one of my only role models in life, settles down onto the couch, he reminisces about his college experience over a cup of coffee. The same father who brought me to life, yet different than what he used to be. He seems as though he were remembering a dismal time in his life, represented by the lugubrious expression on his face, but one would soon discover that his woes were only because of the challenges that he had to overcome throughout his time in college. Now let

  • What Is My Ambition In Ambition Essay

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    goal that a person must look into” I believe. Hence in order to unceasingly grow in my line of work and to serve the society in best possible way, I desire to pursue my graduate education in electrical. The fact that there are so many engineers in my family, had inspired me to take up electrical engineering. Right from childhood I was very engrossed in finding out alternative solutions to real life problems. Gradually, I started building interest in the logic behind the working

  • Competency Demonstration Report I ( Pcb )

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    as one of the requirements to obtain my Engineering Degree at Universitas Katholik Atmajaya, Jakarta. The details of the project were: PROJECT : Create and Design a checking device for single layer printed circuit board (PCB) DURATION : December 2001 - April 2002 LOCATION : Jakarta, Indonesia NAME OF THE ORGANIZATION: Universitas Katholik Atma Jaya, Jakarta POSITION : Final year student CE.1.2. Background CE.1.2.1. Nature of overall engineering project Manufacturing, including electronics

  • Wbut Syllabus 1st Sem

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    0 0 0 0 0 3 3 3 Total 2 4 4 4 4 18 3 3 4 10 0 0 0 0 2 2 2 2 4 32 Credit Points C. 9 10 Chemistry -1 (Gr-B) / Physics – 1 (Gr-A) Mathematics-1 Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering – 1 (GrA+GrB) ME101 Engg. Mechanics Total of Theory PRACTICAL PH191/ Chemistry -1 (Gr-B)/ CH191 Physics – 1 (Gr-A) ES191 Basic Electrical & Electronic Engineering -1 ME191 Engg Drawing & Computer Graphics (Gr-B) /192 / Workshop Practice (Gr-A) Total of Practical

  • Ethics in Engineering Essay

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    and is relevant in a business setting as well. Many organizations have set forth a set of guidelines known as a “Code of Ethics”. The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, being one of these organizations, has set forth their code as a requirement for students and engineer members to adhere to. Heading towards a career in electrical engineering I choose this organization to elaborate on for my ethics project. In the paragraphs that follow you will be introduced to the Code of Ethics as

  • My Graduate Degree Is Not A Simple Matter

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    graduated students have participated in a survey by AGCAS regarding university’s expectation over its graduates, and “over one third of respondents believe that the university has the main responsibility in preparing them for working life.” As an Electrical Engineering student in Seattle University, I need to develop a coherent understanding regarding three modules of Seattle University’s goals and priorities for me when I graduate, as well as their relationship to American cultural assumptions and values

  • Designing Customizable And Programmable Robots Essay

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    I still freshly remember that, as a six years old little boy, I dreamed to be a wizard because nothing is more fantastic than creating objects with your own abilities. At the age of eight, I had a taste of dream coming-true: my parents bought me a Lego Robotic Command eXplorers (a robot kit that contains software and hardware to create customizable and programmable robots). I built the robot’s body structure using limited Lego blocks and gave it life by programming. In the next 9 years, Lego robot