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  • Informative Speech About Nikola Tesla

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    impact did it have on you/others? Main Idea 2: Alternating currents Tesla pointed out the inefficiency of Edison’s direct current electrical powerhouses that have been build up and down the Atlantic seaboard. The secret, he felt, lay in the use of alternating current, because to him all energies were cyclic. Why not build generators that would send electrical energy along distribution lines first one way, than another, in multiple waves using the polyphase

  • I Am A International Competitor

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    am not afraid of failure. I am eager to learn the lessons required to reach the top. I dare say it is a very pleasurable mix. My views on learning are not extraordinary. They are however centred on comprehensive and investigative approaches to engineering problems. I am happiest when I am identifying problems – in a complex circuit, in control systems, logic and digital circuits or simply the detection of flaws in coding. When the problem is accessible and simultaneously acts as an intellectual stimulant

  • Research Paper On Nikola Tesla

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    on the industry.Tesla lead an interesting life, had a large legacy and great leadership in the industry. First of all,Nikola Tesla had an interesting life filled with inventing and intelligence.When Nikola Tesla was 19 he started studying electrical engineering and got in an argument with his professor over design flaws with the DC current.(Gilbert King 2013) The transcript from the source shows that even at 19 Nikola Tesla wanted to work with electricity and was passionate about it.The evidence

  • Novel Signal Processing For Fast Fault Detection

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    SUMMER TRAINING REPORT “Novel Signal Processing For Fast Fault Detection” UNDER SUPERVISION OF: Mr. Sandeep Kharate Larsen & Toubro Limited Electrical & Automation L&T Business Park Gate 5, TC-2, Level 7, Powai Campus, Saki Vihar Road, Mumbai 400 072, INDIA Submitted by: NIKHIL KUMAR SHARMA B.TECH. IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WITH M.TECH. IN POWER ELECTRONICS ENROLLMENT NO.-12212006 INDIAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, ROORKEE Acknowledgement

  • How I Make The World A Better Place?

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    upon my career and ask myself two questions. Did I make the world a better place; was I of use to society? Was I passionate about what I did? For me I see fulfillment to these questions in the career path of an electrical engineer. My father an electrical engineer himself planted the engineering seed when I was young. At the age of ten my parents gifted me an electronics-learning lab. The unit consisted of 200 different projects and gave way to all your basic electronics knowledge. I was fascinated

  • A Planar Dual-Band Filter based on the Reduced Length Parallel Coupled Lines

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    Coupled Lines Seungku Lee and Yongshik Lee, Member, IEEE Sowmya Ravichandran Review paper summary: A Dual-Band Filter is obtained by cascading the reactively loaded parallel coupled lines of reduced length (< 〖90〗^0).The proposed filter have same electrical performance at both the passbands at frequencies f1 and mf1, where m is the frequency of separation between the two passbands. A complete set of design equations are derived for arbitrary number of Filter stages using standard filter synthesis technique

  • Helping Children Excel At A Traditional School Or Homeschool Setting

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    pre-med student and my second son his Electrical Engineering degree. They both earned a full scholarship for college, including books and fees. We never spent a cent on tuition for school from elementary school to their Bachelor’s degree! The secret is “parent 's involvement” on their children 's education to ensure academic success. From the time my children were in kindergarten, I was extremely involved in their education. I was working full time as an electrical engineer for Motorola at the time

  • Ann Roe Theory: Need Approach

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    Ann Roe Theory: Need Approach Ann Roe's theory is the most deterministic approach. Roe believed that the type of parenting one receives influences the career choice of child - innate tendencies and expression of needs. Career choices gratify one's needs. 1. Root of theory Ann Roe developed this theory to predict occupational selection based on individual differences. Individual are differences either by biological, sociological and psychology. This theory specifically focused on predicting occupational

  • Nc Reflection Paper

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    USC believes that one learns best when interacting with people of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Tell us about a time you were exposed to a new idea or when your beliefs were challenged by another point of view. My life took a huge turn during the summer of 8th grade. Not only was it the time to transition to high school, my family and I went on a trip to Kenya for a wedding. Once we arrived at Nairobi airport, it was immediately a huge culture shock. We exited the plane via

  • Optimal Power Flow Using Differential Evolution Algorithm Essay

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    Optimal Power Flow Using Differential Evolution Algorithm S.Vidya Sagar Reddy Dr.P.Venkata Prasad, Professor Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology(Autonomous) Chaitanya Bharathi Institute Of Technology(Autonomous) Hyderabad, India Hyderabad, India vidyasagar.sabbella@gmail.com pvp_reddy@yahoo.co.uk Abstract— This paper presents an efficient and reliable evolutionary based approach to solve