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  • Invention Of Electronic Music

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    One of the largest contributors to electronic music today is Thaddeus Cahill (Lejaren Hiller, Electronic Music). His telharmonium was created with an assembly of rotary generators and telephone receivers to convert electronic signals to into sound (Lejaren Hiller). He developed his invention from 1895 and continued to work on it even though there were no ways for the sounds being created from the electrical signals to be heard. Speakers or amplifiers were non-existent for some time even after the

  • Electronic Dance Music

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    Electronic Dance Music Electronic Dance Music has now reached it’s high in the public all over the world. This genre of music was created and reformed from past generations of music and its history goes all the way back to the mid-to-late 70’s. What is common throughout Electronic Dance Music’s history is its usage of drugs between the attendee’s at these concerts, shows, festivals, or raves. Now that Electronic Music is becoming the most popular genre for young adults and teens to listen to, the

  • Technology In Electronic Music In The 20th And 21st Century

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    relation to technology in electronic music in the 20th and 21st centuries. Music has evolved a lot since when it was only orchestral and vocal, but in the past 100 odd years music has really moved on. It has particularly been shaped by technology as it grew more and more advanced. The most recent years of music have made a turn for, what some people would say, the worse, but most people don’t care about the reasons which I will mention below and can still appreciate the music. This essay is going to

  • Technology In Music : Acoustic Vs. Electronic Music

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    Technology and music have always had a connection; a marriage. As one progresses, the other progresses. What some people do not understand or do not think about, is the little differences between the acoustic and the electric instruments. A person might pick one over the other without having a full understanding of how that instrument works. Acoustic instruments are softer, less perfected while electronic instruments can be manipulated and are manufactured in a way that creates the “perfect” tone

  • Electronic Music And Its Effect On Human Behavior

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    the human-made equally invades what we once thought of as natural. In electronic music, the human element that people input in their work is crucial to say the least. People provide the unpredictable pieces in their work to make it stand out from the rest. Most robotic or technologic generated music often is in the form of a pattern. Without human interface, electronic music, for the most part, is predictable. When electronic music is played without the human element, a sense of something that is missing

  • The Origins and Development of Electronic Dance Music and Contemporary Nightlife Musical Culture

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    The Origins and Developments of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and Contemporary Nightlife Musical Culture The origins and developments of Electronic Dance Music initially started with the development of the synthesizer. It was with these first uses of synthesized sounds that prompted the development of sequencers, sampling, effects processing, musical instrument digital interface (MIDI), use of computer technology, hard disk recording systems and modern day virtual studio technology (VST’s). These

  • The Music Of Electronic Dance Music

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    many music genres today. Samples often consist of one part of another song, such as a lyric or rhythm break, and used to create a beat for another song. The experimental musicians did not get permission from the artists whose work they were using or from the copyright owner while they were using them to create their own music. It began getting popular in hip-hop when it was just played in local dance parties so they were not obligated to receive copyright clearance in order to play this music at events

  • Electronic And Electronically- Altered Music

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    For this journal I found a playlist on the new sounds website, called Electronic and Electronically- Altered Music. This was program number 3797 and it first aired on November 12, 2015. The artists in this program all focused on creating intricate phrasing while using electronic sounds. The first song I listened to was called Labyrinth VII by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. This song was written on the Buchla Music Easel synthesizer. I have never heard of this instrument before and had to do some research

  • The Effects Of Edm And Electronic Dance Music

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    reference to the youth EDM or Electronic dance music is a set of many electronic music genres which are produced for dance-based entertainment environment’s such as 1.festivals,2. Raves,3. nightclubs. The music is basically created for use by the DJs or disc jockeys and is produced by them in a studio or at live sessions. 1. 2. 3. The acronym “EDM” was adopted in 2010 by the American music industry and music press as a buzzword to describe

  • Essay on The Growing Industry of Electronic Dance Music

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    Introduction Electronic dance music (EDM) festivals around the world bring hundreds of thousands of fans together for enormous multi-day parties. New York Ranger (2014) points out that ‘DJs are the new rock stars’. “While attendance at concerts and festivals for other music genres declined by 8.3% in the past three years, EDM has only prospered” (Lashbaugh, 2013). Lashbaugh (2013) also notes that EDM festivals are twice as big in attendance than all concerts and festivals in other music genres, combined