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  • The Effects Of Edm And Electronic Dance Music

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    Impact on the EDM audience over the radio and the Internet in reference to the youth EDM or Electronic dance music is a set of many electronic music genres which are produced for dance-based entertainment environment’s such as 1.festivals,2. Raves,3. nightclubs. The music is basically created for use by the DJs or disc jockeys and is produced by them in a studio or at live sessions. 1. 2. 3. The acronym “EDM” was adopted in 2010

  • Is EDM Beruly Intellectual?

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    music. What makes EDM special is that it can draw inspiration from and adopt any of these (and all of their subgenres), but in the same time remains the ability to be recognized as unique. For instance, there is a trip hop, "a fusion of hip hop and electronica until neither genre is recognizable" (DJ Shadow. Slant Magazine) and there is also a trance, “a genre on its own, but also includes other styles of electronic music such as techno, pop and chill-out” (Fassbender). Dubstep, DnB, glitch, chillstep

  • I See Stars: New Demons Review

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    I See Stars- New Demons Review I See Stars is back with their fourth album, entitled New Demons. The album was released on 10/22/2013, via Sumerian Records. It seems that they have been working quite diligently over these past few years, as it has only been one a half years since the release of their previous album, Digital Renegade. Although many people did not like that album, I enjoyed it a lot, and I thought it had many standout tracks such as “Gnars Attacks”, “NZT48”, “Digital Renegade”, and

  • Substance Abuse in Electronic Dance Music Culture: Minimizing the Effects

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    Substance Abuse in Electronic Dance Music Culture: Minimizing the Effects EDM (electronic dance music) has proven to be a very powerful movement and important part of modern culture. Tons of enthusiastic fans come from all over the world to experience popular EDM rave events in the big cities such as Ultra Music Festival and Electric Zoo. At these type of events fans can expect high quality electronic music, light effects, and recreational drugs. Along seeing the casual use of drugs, it is also

  • What Is Modern Dance And Who Says What Is Dance?

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    Mackenzie kotos Modern Dance Professor Jessie Laurita Spanglet 4 December 2016 Alwin Nikolais What exactly is modern dance and who says what is dance? Throughout the decades dancers and artists have used this question to push the boundaries and limitations on what is considered dance. Some did this by changing the setting of a dance while others did this by making changes to what can be incorporated into a dance. A great example of a famous choreographer who changed the way others viewed dance

  • The Electronic Dance Music Culture

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    “The first time when on the radio I listened to the remixed song Why Don’t You?, I was quite of surprised how DJ accessed to musical material from the past. The song affected me with a sense of the past although it was skilfully woven and shaped into a new, very danceable sound of electronic music” described Irina Cvijanović. (Cvijanovic) Electronic dance music, or better known as “edm”, has completely changed the music industry. Edm has now taken over radio and the mainstream, and has become one

  • For My Project, I Decide To Focus On My Own Music Project,

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    For my project, I decide to focus on my own music project, Opaque Eyes. Opaque Eyes is a indie, dream pop and ambient music project that started in spring of 2016, and has a few small releases, and one EP release. The project also has a nice visual aspect to it – where I make all my own cover art and visuals to go along with releases. I have many goals for this project and where I would like to take it. I have a few releases planned for the end of the summer and am planning on many collaboration

  • Porter Robinson And Madeon Concert Report

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    On November 16th, I attended a Porter Robinson and Madeon concert at Echostage in Washington D.C. Porter Robinson and Madeon are both electro house, dubstep, synthpop, and EDM (Electronic Dance Music) music DJ’s, who have decided to collaborate and tour together. Doors opened for the concert at 9 PM, with DJ’s Robotaki (Ro-bo-ta-key) and Danger opening for them. Robotaki focused more on house music, while Danger was more heavy drum and bass electronic music. Although, the opening DJ’s varied in their

  • Essay on The Growing Industry of Electronic Dance Music

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    Introduction Electronic dance music (EDM) festivals around the world bring hundreds of thousands of fans together for enormous multi-day parties. New York Ranger (2014) points out that ‘DJs are the new rock stars’. “While attendance at concerts and festivals for other music genres declined by 8.3% in the past three years, EDM has only prospered” (Lashbaugh, 2013). Lashbaugh (2013) also notes that EDM festivals are twice as big in attendance than all concerts and festivals in other music genres

  • Thai Teenagers

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    The lifestyles of the Thai teenagers have changed a lot in the past 40-50 years. For me, the technology between in the past (1960’s) and now (as of 2017) is very distinct in its own way due to the technological advances during the time. For this reason, I will introduce some of the aspects that changed during 1960s to now such as communications, transportations and music. The Technology used by Thai Teenager in communication aspect has come a long way since the past. In the past, some communication