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    To investigate the effect of ligand on the TFT properties, we focused on the In2O3 NCs films cured at 150 °C. Both the ligand molecules OA and BET were conserved on the NCs surface in the TFT devices at a curing temperature of 150 °C. The TGA curves confirmed no weight loss at 150 °C (Figure. 4). Moreover, the FTIR spectrum of the thin films cured at 150 °C also supported the existence of the ligand molecules OA and BET with high intensity peaks of the alkyl group Csp3-H and carboxylate group COO-

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    Dark Matter was first proposed by Fritz Zwicky in the 1930’s when he observed the motions of galaxies and he noticed that the amount of visible objects could not account for the observations he made. There had to be some “invisible” mass holding these galaxies together. It is known that 25% of our universe is made up dark matter versus 4% of the visible matter we know and interact with every day. The leading candidates for dark matter are MACHOs and WIMPS. Gravitational lensing is one of the ways

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    Introduction It is difficult to determine the birth of nuclear medicine due to the many contributions made my scientists of carious fields. However, most notably, during bla blah Understanding the uses, benefits and side effect of nuclear medicine is crucial due to its significant and ongoing contribution to the medical field. Throughout this paper focus will be placed on how radioactivity has benefited the detection, control and at times, complete elimination of cancer. Background Nuclear medicine

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    16. Which of the following electromagnetic waves has a frequency greater than that of visible light? A. Ultraviolet B. Radio C. Microwaves D. Infrared 2211-6510 Turn over – 10 – M11/4/PHYSI/SPM/ENG/TZ1/XX 17. One electronvolt is equal to A. 1.6 ×10−19 C. B. 1.6 ×10−19 J. C. 1.6 ×10−19 V. D. 1.6 ×10−19 W. 18. A battery of internal resistance 2 Ω is connected to an external resistance of 10 Ω. The current is 0.5 A. 2Ω 0

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    Edexcel AS Physics in 100 Pages -----an easy-to-understand textbook & exam preparation guide Copyright ©2011 by Yajun Wei All rights reserved under international Copyright Conventions. No part of the text of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing by the publisher, except by reviewers or catalogues not limited to online for purpose of promotion. Front Cover photo

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