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  • The Importance Of Recess At Global Monarch Academy

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    The Importance of Recess in Elementary School Remember when you were little and someone asked you what your favorite class was? If you were like me or any of my peers, without thinking about it your response was “Recess!” It was not that the other classes were not as enjoyable, it’s just that the freedom we got: socializing with friends, running around, and being as loud as we could without getting in trouble. Much has been made of the role of recess at Global Monarch Academy. Yet little has been

  • Education : Education Of Preservice Teachers And 2 ) Emphasis On High Stakes Testing Essay

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    2) emphasis on high stakes testing. First, elementary education programs focus on the modern two cores, English and mathematics, paying only lip service to science and social studies. This leads to teachers becoming unconformable with the content in these two subjects. This level of uncertainty produces a focus away from social studies and a focus on the other two contents. The second reason for the marginalization of social Studies in the elementary classroom is high stakes testing that places

  • Middle School Problems

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    Introduction Middle school for many kids is a crucial period in their lives. At this period of life, kids are experiencing a new change and being forced to be aware of certain attributes about themselves and others. While being more independent than one is in elementary school, it can be very difficult for children who face certain problems at the middle school level. There are many issues that are going on in middle schools across the country, that are affecting children each and every day. Since

  • Reflection Paper On Counselors

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    careers, it is important to make observations of local schools with counseling opportunities. Observations help give a better understanding of the school culture and demographics associated within that school. School Data has long been a method used to obtain school specifics as well as the ability to compare and improve in areas needed. Schools all over represent different demographics therefore making the statistic sway one way to another. One school in particular that I was able to observe and get a

  • My Personal Experience : My Experience In Early School

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    “Put on your clothes so we can get to school,” my mother said as she was putting my brand new school supplies in my pink Hello Kitty backpack for my first day of preschool. With so much excitement contained within me, I rushed to put on my white polo and khaki pants. I grabbed onto my mom’s hand as we walked to Southwest Christian Academy, which was only a block away from where we had lived. We walked into this classroom, and I sat in a small blue chair as my mom talked to my teacher. The room was

  • Greetings middle school entrants, I am here to share my experience in middle school with all of

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    Greetings middle school entrants, I am here to share my experience in middle school with all of you. Like all other students and like all of you, I moved from primary school to middle school with infinite questions in my mind. First day at school frightened the daylights out of me. All day long I was desperately waiting for someone to show me the ropes. Middle school years play a very significant role in creating our destiny and path ahead. We are made familiar with all the disparities in world

  • I Had A Satisfactory And Tolerable Experience

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    middle school, I felt that I had a satisfactory and tolerable experience. The teachers were more focused on getting information into our brains than focusing on us actually learning the material. There were some teachers that seemed as if they really cared about the student and their education but most teachers were not like that. My middle school seemed big with around 30 kids in each class. There was a block schedule system, so we had about 7 different classes to attend each day. School started

  • My Experience Of My Life

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    Kansas. The city Wichita is a much smaller than San Antonio, so life was extremely different than here. The city was calm and quiet, not much really happened so I was allowed to venture out and explore.My elementary school was only walking distance from my home,meaning I could travel to and from school without any problems. While I walked home, my mom would always have something ready to eat the moment we walked in the door. My mother has always been a affectionate woman. She has a friendly heart, but

  • Racial, Ethnic And Economic Isolation Through Curriculum Based Programming Essay

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    racial, ethnic and economic isolation through curriculum-based programming involved efforts to promote tolerance and respect. Twenty-nine hyper-segregated elementary schools described character development programming designed to eliminate bullying and mean behavior. The following excerpt from the narrative provided by Farmingville Elementary School in Ridgefield, Connecticut is a representative sample of this type of programming: Farmingville students participate in a number of age appropriate activities

  • Aims And Objectives Of Sarva Shiksha Abhiya

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    Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is a comprehensive and integrated flagship programme of Government of India to attain Universal Elementary Education (UEE), covering the entire country in a mission mode. SSA has been launched in 2001-2002 in partnership with the State Governments and Local Self Governments. The programme aims to provide useful and relevant, elementary education to all children in the 6 to 14 age group by 2010. It is an initiative to universalize and improve quality of education through