Elizabeth Smart kidnapping

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  • I Have A Knife At Your Neck By Don 't Make A Sound

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    "I have a knife to your neck. Don 't make a sound. Get out of bed and come with me." These are the words that Elizabeth Smart heard as she was awoken on June 5, 2002. (Moses, 2010). At only 14 years old, Smart was taken from her home, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and was not found until nine months had passed. Brian David Mitchell broke into the Smart 's home and grabbed the youngster from her room that she shared with her sister Mary Katherine. What Mitchell did not know was that Mary Katherine

  • Pros And Cons Of Rushing Children

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    It’s lost. I can’t get it back, it’s gone. It was abruptly taken from me. My childhood, my innocence. Yes, I killed her. I killed the innocent and fragile girl inside of me. I didn't do it by myself, every person around me helped in a way, and now they ask me where she is. How dare they ask such a thing when they know they are the reason she is not here anymore. I want her back, I want to be that carefree and innocent child that had no worries. Now all I have left behind is this tired and melancholy

  • Police Officer Body Cam Shows Amazing Rescue

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    Police Officer Body Cam Shows Amazing Rescue These days we haven 't seen very many good images from the body cams that police officers wear. But, that all changes today when we take a look at this amazing rescue footage. After a SUV crashed, Officer Dan Whitney rushed to the scene. What he found there was absolutely terrifying. The SUV is already in flames when the officer arrives. And, he finds the driver trapped in the backseat of the vehicle. Luckily, he is able to pull the man from the wreckage

  • A Report On Stockholm Syndrome

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    each day, over 2,000 children are reported missing. Kidnappings occur for a variety of reasons, and at the hands of many different people (“Children Exploitation and Obscenity Section”, n.d.). For example, the United States Department of Justice claims that 203,000 children are kidnapped by family members annually, while 58,200 are abducted by individuals outside of the family annually (“Children Exploitation and Obscenity Section”, n.d.). Kidnappings occur more frequently than the public realizes. The

  • Stockholm Syndrome : A Psychological Phenomenon

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    Stockholm Syndrome, originally identified in 1973, is an often cited psychological condition that may pertain to some people who have been kidnapped. Dictionary.com defines Stockholm Syndrome as “feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim toward a captor”. As a result, victims sympathize and defend their abuser or kidnapper. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological phenomenon that has been analyzed in professional articles by various scholars, but is

  • Sex Crimes Against Children

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    Fourteen year old Elizabeth Smart was abducted from her bedroom On June 2, 2002, while she was sleeping. The kidnapper snuck up on Smart while she was sleeping and put a knife to her throat and made Smart come with her. Through all of this, Smart’s sister Mary Katherine was watching this unfold and was trying to figure out who this person was. The kidnapper, who we later find out is Brian David Mitchell. “The kidnapper, a man by the name of Brian Mitchell, led Smart out of the house and marched

  • Techniques Used by Kidnappers to Control Their Victims Essay

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    Many kidnappings that have happened around the United States mainly connect with children wanting to leave with a stranger even though they know that it is wrong. How is it that adults are capable of luring children into coming with them even though they are complete strangers? Furthermore, do not parents teach their kids not to go with strangers and if it does happen that they should scream for help? Sure, yet children still willingly go with strangers. Perhaps something about them kidnapers convinces

  • Abstract. During The Last Few Years, Government Officials

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    with sexual offenders of all ages as well as promulgate the current legislation with data from established federal resources. Keywords: sexual assault, recidivism, registration, SMART, NSOPW   Imagine the sight of an intelligent,

  • From Suffering to Overcoming in the Abduction of Adam Walsh

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    familiar in our world. An estimated 797,000 children are reported missing in one year, however, only approximately 100 of them are stereotypical kidnappings (Martindale 6). Many times children that are reported missing have either run away or cannot be found for a few hours. Only a handful are taken for ransom and against their own will. The stereotypical kidnapping, which is very rare, “ involves abduction by a stranger or slight acquaintance who detains the child overnight, transports him or her at least

  • Sex Crimes And Its Effects On Society

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    friends, and neighbors are the ones who are supposed to be trusted. Cases that have come out to the public usually are the more horrific ones that gain all the media attention, which causes legislation to be made. Decapitated bodies, murders, kidnappings, all associated with sexual assault are the ones that make headlining news. Cases also draw more attention when the victim is a minor. Minors are more unsure and naïve and seen as innocent in the eyes of the public. So when cases come to light about