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  • City Primeval Comparison

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    both City Primeval and Swag, Elmore Leonard does a fantastic job of allowing readers to see into the mind of a Criminal. Told in a first person point of view, the reader walks through the mind of someone on the wrong side of the law, while also being able to get a peek into the viewpoint of the good guys. Allowing the reader to compare and contrast the two, gives the audience a better understanding of each character, and the environment they exist in. Elmore Leonard uses vulnerability, and a character

  • Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance

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    The Canadian government had no choice but to allow him to be extradited. If Leonard Peltier had anything good going for him, it was that he was in the land of the free; the home where everyone is innocent until proven guilty, unless you’re an Indian. Peltier was eventually placed in Oakalla Prison on the same floor as death row

  • Essay on Big Bang Theory

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    There has been a lot of research done on the influence media can have on society, in particular the degrading images of women that are often seen in media. Since the second wave of the women’s rights movements these images were the object of scrutiny and an easy example of how women were viewed. In modern society where women have made many strides towards equality why are there still instances in popular media were women are negatively depicted? Have women come as far as they think? The popular sitcom

  • Shrugging Off Positive: Ayn Rand Essay

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    When one imagines a positive person in society, many people may come to mind. Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., and many more are positive influences on the society of the world today. A positive influence in the society is someone who lets his or her beliefs be known in a respectful way, are non-violent, and do not force opinions on anyone else. Ayn Rand is a positive influence on society because she was an author who wrote philosophical novels that showed her views in a non-violent

  • Where Wizards Stay Up Late

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    Where Wizards Stay up Late In Where Wizards Stay up Late, the Origins of the Internet, Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon explore the beginnings of the Internet. The authors show us how it was a computer-engineering firm that produced the original prototypes for "Arpanet," and how several very intelligent men made the Internet possible. The book is excellent in that it brings to the limelight many important people that played an important role in devising the Internet. In other words, therefore, this

  • Mrs. Dalloway

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    I. Mrs. Dalloway, by Virginia Woolf, was published on May 14, 1925 in London, England. The novel follows Clarissa Dalloway and a variety of other characters throughout the span of one day in their lives in 1923 London. Woolf utilizes a narrative method of writing. With the novel’s structure, the narrator possesses the ability to move inside of a character’s mind and compose her thoughts and emotions immediately as events occur throughout the day. The novel’s main character, Clarissa, is a middle-aged

  • How Planned And Perceived Obsolescence Invade Our Lives

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    engineers designing products do so with the intent of the product to stop working within a set amount of time. Perceived obsolescence is just as sneaky, but completely psychological, it “convinces us to throw away stuff that is still perfectly useful” (Leonard 11). I believe that these practices are unacceptable and not sustainable indefinitely. They create a massive environmental impact secondary to increased waste (1), put financial strain on consumers (2), and impact the happiness of our society as

  • The Pushers The pushers can be considered as multiple components of the health care system that

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    The Pushers The pushers can be considered as multiple components of the health care system that promoted, fostered and encouraged the use of Prontosil for patients. Initially, the American medical community did not buy into idea of treating diseases and illnesses with chemotherapeutic drugs. The publication of scientific articles on Prontosil within U.S. medical journals did not even occur until late 1936, meaning most of the medical community was unaware of this drug in the U.S. While all this

  • Stuff By Annie Leonard

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    minimum regulations and tax free incentives. EPZs usually are restricted areas that provide companies with their manufacturing needs for export. This is only one example that leads to our problem with consumerism. In The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard, she sheds light on the exploitation and mistreatment of our natural resources, like the deforestation of the rainforests due to the demand for lumber. Many Americans today have not come to realize the hidden costs such as: unseen problems like cheap

  • The Death Of The Moth By Virginia Woolf

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    Since the beginning of time, humans have known that death is inevitable and it cannot be stopped. Death can occur in many forms including natural, medical, and suicidal deaths. Because death is so prevalent in everyone’s lives it is very common for an author to touch on the subject. An example of this would be Virginia Woolf, the author of the essay “The Death of the Moth.” In this piece, Virginia Woolf tells a story about a moth that in the end eventually passes away; which connects with the subject