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  • Abraham Lincoln And National Identity

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    Emanuel Leutze’s “Washington Crosses the Delaware” is a dramatization of a famous moment in American history where the Patriots rowed across the Delaware River under the cover of darkness and under the leadership of their general, George Washington. In his painting, Leutze is uses pathos of the light versus the dark to evoke national pride. The dichotomy of the two extremes is very well

  • George Washington Crossing The Delawaon Analysis

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    exaggerated portrayal of Washington leading his army across the freezing Delaware River to surprise the British. It immortalizes one of the most important events in this country’s history, as it served as a turning point in Revolution. Painter Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze depicts Washington standing tall at the bow of the ship, knee propped up, head held high, eyes locked into focus looking ahead, sword at hip, sheathed but ready to be drawn at any moment. Of course, some of this is not a true account, but

  • On Seeing Larry Rivers

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    Presentation Essay The question of seeing is a crucial element in the understanding of ekphrastic writing. O’Hara’s role as a poet, critic and curator offers extensive insight into the necessity of seeing in the procedure of ekphrastic writing and the relationship between painting and writing. His personal relationships with painters such as Larry Rivers not only affect O’Hara’s work, but also offer a glimpse into the endobiotic nature of ekphrasitc writing. O’Hara’s ekphrastic work thrives from

  • Compare Washington Crossing The Delaware And The Quilt

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    America, a country that could only be described as a quilt as it is made up of many different peoples. Sadly, equality and common respect is hard to come by in a nation full of different opinions, colors, and cultures. Through heart-wrenching pathos, Leutze’s painting Washington Crossing the Delaware and Quindlen’s The Quilt signifies that while America may seem on the verge of breaking at times it manages to succeed through the unification of it’s people. Leutze’s painting, Washington Crossing the

  • Analysis Of Emanuel Leutze 's Painting

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    Emanuel Leutze’s painting depicts George Washington, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution, crossing the Delaware River with his men on Christmas night, 1776 in order to surprise attack the Hessians at Trenton. Leutze’s portrait reflects some of the ideals represented by Thomas Jefferson, as well enlightenment thinkers John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau and perfectly demonstrates the role the American Revolution played in the shift from the medieval period into

  • Washington Crossing The Delaware Compare And Contrast Essay

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    The main difference in these two works is the disorder and movement. The painting by Leutze expresses more of a chaotic scene while the Shulman’s poem creates a slightly more composed environment. Struggle is more evident in the painting. While the poem is serene and instills confidence and excitement for battle in the reader, the painting

  • Moon Run Research Paper

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    In the year 1908, what is today the sprawling suburb of Robinson Township was nothing more than a farming community. Moon Run, a community in the township, was a prosperous mining community that was built by the Pittsburgh Coal Company. Today, nothing except the Interstate 79 exit sign, Moon Run Road, and Moon Run Presbyterian Church acknowledges the name of this small community by the highway interchange. The workers in these mines were Catholic and Presbyterian, and both denominations needed a

  • Siblings Essay

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    success. Her descriptive tone set the mood of this article, giving a variety of emotions when presenting her argument. The Emanuel brothers lived in a home where they to take care of themselves while their mother was arrested for fighting for civil rights. However, they were still reckless little boys. When writing about the Emanuel’s, she describes a time when Rahm Emanuel nearly died when a deep cut developed into a bone infection. Alter writes,

  • William Blake Literary Analysis

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    “What is now proved was once only imagined.” (Ed. Mason, Michael. William Blake: Selected Poetry. Oxford World Classics, 2008.) This paper started with a quote which mainly emphasize on the power of imagination. The line which is quoted above, said by one of the early romantic poet, one who never went to university, never took opium, did not end up his life in a very tender age, never left England, did not went on any Grand tour in his life span, did not have any illicit or failed affairs or relationships

  • Helen Keller Essay

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    Helen Keller Helen Keller was an American author who lived to educate and inspire others to become the most unique author of her time. She was a gifted woman who had exceptional writing abilities. She utilized simplistic style to correspond with all varieties of people. She wrote to inspire people and to help disabled people achieve their goals. Her writing style was full of many types of diction, syntactic devices, and patterns of imagery to exemplify her life chronicle. Keller used an