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  • Differences Between Operating Systems And Software And Embedded Systems Markets

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    comparison between operating systems is a very broad topic and this has been a long running debate within the computer industry. Microsoft has been a runaway success in the retail realm with large sales throughout the different iterations of Windows. Similarly Linux has a successful run and it is still being considered one of the most prominent open source operating systems and it is being used widely and on a wide range of devices and has penetration in server and embedded systems markets etc. Apple iOS

  • The Human Body Is A Complex System, Embedded With Defense

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    The human body is a complex system, embedded with defense mechanisms to prevent the invasion of the unknown. Not only does it protect itself from the external breaches, but also has to beware for all the potential things that can go wrong within the system. When a potential threat is detected, a trained army of cells will immediately reach the site and work towards achieving balance; this is called immunity. A particular protein found in certain grains has been causing commotion, and has recently

  • Solar Tracking For Optimum Power Generation

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    SOLAR TRACKING FOR OPTIMUM POWER GENERATION NAME: - PRITAM PHILIP KISKU ID: - 201201005 INTRODUCTION “An embedded system is a system that has a software embedded into computer-hardware, which makes a system dedicated for an application(s) or specific part of an application or product or part of a larger system.” – Embedded Systems by McGraw-Hill Education. The topic of the case study is “Solar Tracking for Optimum Power Generation”. The demand for energy is increasing day-by-day and

  • Validation

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    [pic] ZigBee Wireless Mesh Networking for Monitoring & Control What is ZigBee? ZigBee is a consortium of software, hardware and services companies that have developed a common standard for wireless networking of sensors and controllers. While other wireless standards are concerned with exchanging large amounts of data, ZigBee is for devices that have smaller throughput needs. The other driving factors are low cost, high reliability, high security, low battery usage, simplicity

  • Communication Technology Is Taking A New Phase Day By Day

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    (January 2010- March 2010) Geographical location: India Organization Name: Holy Mary Institute of Science and Technology Project Name: Relay Driver Circuit using an IC ULN2003 Title of Position: Student Subject: Embedded Systems Background CE 1.2 This project comes under the area of embedded system and the circuit comes under the IC based on the electromagnetic switch. In most of the projects, I have seen or observed that the loads are actually controlled by using a microcontroller block and also the

  • Science And Technology : An Age Of Cognitive Technology

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    When I contemplate about the different domains of science and technology, it is tough to think of a field that is going to change the world as much as Embedded Systems will, in the years ahead. As Dr. Cesare Alippi mentions in his book “Intelligence for Embedded Systems”, we are entering the era where technology interacts proactively with the real world. While Cesere 's ideas are interesting and exciting to think about, I foresee this field making its mark in every nook and corner of science. What

  • General Purpose Computing And Communications Systems

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    research in the context of general-purpose computing and communications systems. However, security is often misunderstood by embedded system designers to be an add-on luxury that can otherwise be done away with in order to improve efficiency and certain other aspects of their product designs such as the cost, performance, power consumption and similar metrics. In reality, security needs to be incorporated as a new dimension by the system designers and it needs to be a primary objective of such design considerations

  • My Decision For My Masters

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    interest from University of Rajasthan, one of the most prestigious universities in India. I was among the top students in my class. The core courses of Analog/Digital Electronics and circuits, Control systems, Microcontrollers, Computer Architecture, Network Analysis, Microprocessors, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing have given me a good understanding of the

  • Multiuser Sms Based Wireless Electronic Notice Board

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    Notice Board Abstract— This is the model for displaying notices in colleges on electronic notice board by sending messages in form of SMS through mobile; it is a wireless transmission system which has very less errors and maintenance. The hardware board contains microcontroller AT89c52 at the heart of the system. The microcontroller is interfaced with GSM Modem via MAX232 level convertor. It is used to convert RS232 voltage levels to TTL voltage levels and vice versa. The hardware also has a 64K

  • Border Security Using Wireless Integrated Network Sensors

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    node. Thus the stranger is identified at the main node. A series of interface, signal processing, and communication systems have been implemented in micro power CMOS circuits. A micro power spectrum analyzer has been developed to enable low power operation of the entire WINS system. Thus WINS require a Microwatt of power. But it is very cheaper when compared to other security systems such as RADAR under use. It is even used for short distance communication less than 1 Km. It produces a less amount