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  • Concert Report Essay

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    For this concert report I chose to go to a performance of student composers held at the Kimball Recital Hall. I chose this one because I wanted to see some of the talent that my peers have in the music realm, and also it was one of the only concerts I have been able to attend because I usually work at night. It was impressive to hear pieces composed by students. I cannot imagine creating something as complex as a musical composition, much less actually performing it, so this aspect of the concert

  • Music Review : A Critique Of A Concert Review

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    For my first concert review, I attended the Music at the Marley event at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. The event featured the University of Tampa Faculty Ensemble with Barbara Prescott on flute, Meg Cassell on oboe, Theodore Decoroso on clarinet, and Grigorios Zamparas on piano. They played a selection of pieces from the Classical period to the twentieth century which were performed in the following order: Franz Danzi: Sinfonia Concertante Op. 41 Allegro Moderato; William Grant Still: Miniatures

  • Techniques Used by Clarinet Players

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    Things such as embouchure, vibrato and tone effects are all things that are required by the musician. I will be investigating the embouchure and how a correct one will substantially increase your prowess as a woodwind, particularly clarinet, player. The clarinet is a woodwind instrument that has a single reed mouthpiece. Johann Christoph Denner invented the clarinet in Germany around the turn of the 18th century by adding a register key to the earlier Chalumea. Having a correct embouchure is vitally

  • Trumpet Taking Analysis

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    we buzz into the mouthpiece. I will guide you through an approach that not only helped me but helped many trumpeters today. The Bill Adam approach to trumpet playing requires the student to understand how air is produced on the trumpet, how the embouchure plays a role in proper trumpet playing, the routine and

  • Characteristics Of A Good Clarinet Player

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    result of poor embouchure formation, too much or too little pressure from the jaw, and issues with air speed and breath support” (Ferreira). Having good embouchure formation is an important part of playing the clarinet. “On the other hand, holding the instrument too close to the body can also cause control problems” (Walsh). Holding your instrument too close to your body can make it harder to play. “The result often times is a poor embouchure and hence a poor tone” (Walsh). Embouchure is good when

  • Trumpet Music Research Paper

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    sound. Other articles discuss making a good buzz, but here we'll look at how to really support that sound once a buzz is established. Three pointers that support trumpet players over their entire trumpet career are: Keep the corners of the embouchure firm - this is the area that helps control your sound, your tone & your pitch. Take a deep breath - stand up straight or sit up straight, breathe deeply starting from way down in you abdomen. - A deep breath supports your tone and range

  • Music Composers: A Music Analysis

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    5 things I believe we need to work on as an ensemble is tone quality, rhythm, intonation, dynamic changes and articulation. I believe this because the judges mentioned these things more than 3 times altogether. One of the judges commented that we should blow more air as we play so we don’t go flat or sharp. Another comment was that we should know other people’s parts in the ensemble. Some people in the ensemble play their parts way too loud that we can’t hear the woodwinds when they have the melody

  • Pivot Man March: A Personal Review Of A Music Concert

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    all prepared as a group to make it the best we could for the audience. Three things that I learned in preparing and presenting my part of the performance was listening to each other as a section, learning my rhythms for the songs, and adjusting my embouchure to be able to play from high to low notes without squeaking. There were parts of the music where the woodwinds would be playing a different rhythm, than the bass players. You have to be able to listen to your section, to be able to not get mixed

  • How Did Ancient Peoples Make Music?

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    produces, and its purpose has evolved from ancient flutes, to medieval flutes, to the Baroque and Romantic flutes, and, finally, modern flutes. The ancient flute started out as simple “hollowed out bones or sticks with an embouchure hole” (“Timeline of Flute History”), the embouchure hole being where the player blows into the instrument. Evidence of the ancient transverse flute is found in artwork from Western Europe, the Middle East, and Asia (“Timeline of Flute History”). European transverse flutes

  • Festivo Persuasive Essay

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    I believe that the concert was a good indicator of my skill in playing our two songs. I think that Festivo went well for me, especially in the case of timings, which were a bit strange at first, but they ended up coming through good. I definitely still need to work on my dynamics for it however, though I mostly just need to balance them with the lower instruments. On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss, however, was not good for me. I am still finding it very difficult to get the low notes that make up the