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  • The Evolution Of The Internet

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    Before the conception of the Internet, music was sold wholly as a physical product. The gramophone record commonly known as ‘Vinyl’ dominated all music sales up until the 1990s. Vinyl was sold as EPs (Singles or Extended play) and LPs (Albums – Long play). In the 1980s the Compact Cassette exploded in popularity, invented by Philips in 1962 the compact cassette had been around with little success. In the 1980s there was a massive surge of high fidelity portable cassette players being sold, most notably

  • Music At Your Own Price

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    Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price Introduction: Setting the trend for the future, the distribution and consumption of recorded music transformed dramatically with the launching of Apple’s iTunes in 2001. The proliferation of online music subscription services and other music sharing services exerted a great pressure on the conventional music distribution business model. Combined with this transformation, piracy of digital music had a profound impact on the whole industry. These worsening conditions

  • Music And Its Effects On Children

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    Parents also serve as a blockade when it comes to the subject of music. Parents are very cautious and get very defensive of what their children listen to. Parents block children from hearing the truth or prevent their child from seeing how an artist expresses themselves, because of a few raunchy lyrics and profanity? I often listen to music on my iPhone, but since Apple launched its Apple Music project, my music only plays in the edited or clean version, which is very annoying. I am a huge Future

  • The Impact Of Internet On Consumer Ownership Via Spotify Essay

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    Spotify has a number of benefits for the consumer. As a commercial music streaming platform that enables access greater access to a wider range of artists, their songs and albums for use through different interfaces; including laptops and mobile phones. Spotify provides almost limitless streaming of different music that is available in two different ways; ‘Spotify Free’ and ‘Spotify Premium’. At first glance, at least for the user it is somewhat utopian, in that it has increased the efficiency and

  • Changing The Music Industry As We Know It

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    As time continues to change, so does the music industry as we know it. Artists of different races, genders, and differing music styles continue to emerge and create top hits on the charts. However, some of these artists chose not to associate with major record labels, or sell any of their music to them. These are the people bringing about the real changes that ought to be recognized and discussed. For this paper, I decided to look at the group Postmodern Jukebox, their background as a group, their

  • Financial Requirements For Sony Music Entertainment

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    RED Associated Labels is a newly created artist development division of RED Distribution, providing a variety of label services, including new release set-up and planning, as well as radio promotion and marketing, to select Sony Music venture partners. RAL’s artist roster consists of Shaggy, The Chainsmokers, DJ Khaled, Bush, Karmin, Lyfe Jennings, Jordin Sparks, Keith Sweat, Aaron Carter, Babymetal to name a few. Goals Entrench RAL as a shared service division for of Sony Music Entertainment

  • Superstardom In Popular Music : The Gendered Character Of The Music Industry

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    “...it should be remembered that the gendered character of the music industry… and music generally both reflects and serves to constitute the gendered character of wider social and cultural realities.” William A. Hamlen Jr. writes in his article, “Superstardom in Popular Music: Empirical Evidence”, about the music industry market. Hamlen’s article expresses how the music industry is male dominated because the “lack of female role models” allows for masculine culture to continue. Thus, male domination

  • Becoming A Singer / Songwriter

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    Becoming a singer/songwriter has always been a passion of mine. I find this line of work to be both fun and challenging. Having a dream and actually succeeding are two completely different things. The career of a singer/songwriter can span for years until breaching the point of success. This particular field confuses people, mainly due to the label as both a singer and a songwriter. Most people who listen to the radio only know who sings the song. They often to not familiarize themselves to who wrote

  • Panic ! At The Disco And Fall Out Boy

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    Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy Informative Essay Panic! At The Disco and Fall Out Boy are bands that have been around since the early 2000’s.They have each been through at least 4 band members before deciding on the few band members to keep the band’s life Although they haven’t received much attention, they have both released a number of amazing albums, yet the most known are the most recent albums. Panic! At the Disco, or P!ATD, started in Summerlin, Nevada, when Ryan Ross and Spencer

  • Music Industry And How Serious The Music Piracy

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    discussion of existing literature about the music piracy. Keywords: Music piracy, China, Copyright, Societal benefits 1.News: On September 26, 2005, Universal Music Ltd., Warner Music Ltd, Gold Entertainment Ltd, EMI GROUP Hong Kong company, Sony BMG, Cinepoly and East record accused Baidu MP3 of the music copyright infringement in the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court. These seven companies required the Baidu stop the infringement actions, make a public