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  • Music Industry And How Serious The Music Piracy

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    discussion of existing literature about the music piracy. Keywords: Music piracy, China, Copyright, Societal benefits 1.News: On September 26, 2005, Universal Music Ltd., Warner Music Ltd, Gold Entertainment Ltd, EMI GROUP Hong Kong company, Sony BMG, Cinepoly and East record accused Baidu MP3 of the music copyright infringement in the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court. These seven companies required the Baidu stop the infringement actions, make a public

  • Let There Be Light: Did Punk Rock Really Make a Difference

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    smaller labels to the airwaves (Rennhoff). In recent years, however, deregulation of media ownership in the United States and the swallowing up of smaller labels by the so-called Big-4 record companies (Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, EMI Group, and Warner Music Group) has left only 28% of music industry market share worldwide for independent labels (Boehlert). Music Industry Market Share (2005) Figure 1 (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) The 1960s Beatlemania

  • The Five Characteristics Of An Innovator

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    The history of innovations traces back to the origin of the earth, and since then it has been evolving from day to day. The number of innovations and new ideas developed in this world is countless, and therefore it is not quantifiable. However, some changes keep occurring each day which is used to establish projects and businesses that help in shaping the life of humanity. Many significant changes were delivered in the past by some great visionary entrepreneurs. The basis of business in this world

  • Piracy of Digitized Music Essay

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    The music industry has developed in a series of technological advances, from the development of vinyl to the digitization of music and the creation of formats such as compact disc (CD), digital audiotape, and minidisk (Leyshon 2001). Although the digitized music facilitates consumers, it causes the appearance of piracy and the drop of sales. The subject of piracy has occurred for a certain period. Since 1920's, music piracy has appeared into the world with the production of cassette tapes, voice

  • music industry

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    People listen to music for a variety of reasons. Some listen to music to relax in which it serves as a sort of escape from everyday life, some because they are a fan and follow a certain artist, and others because they can relate the lyrics to their own personal experiences. Whichever the case may be, music has and continues to serve an important role in people’s lives. Music has been circulating the air across many cultures for centuries; however, in the last 50 years, the music industry has

  • Dominick10 Tb Ch08 1

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    Chapter 8 Sound Recording         True/False        1. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the phonograph, thought it would be useful as a  dictation machine.  Ans: T        2. When radio began to gain in popularity, sales of records and record players  skyrocketed.  Ans: F        3. TV's rising popularity affected radio, but not the recording industry.  Ans: F        4. Rock music has roots in several musical genres, including rhythm and blues.  Ans: T        5. The dawn of the '60s brought a new clean­cut breed of rock star

  • Radiohead

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    RADIOHEAD’S “IN RAINBOWS” RELEASE STRATEGY Radiohead is releasing their new album “In Rainbows” in an unusual way: The band manufactured, distributed and promoted their music without a record label; they allowed the customer to “price” the digital album by themselves and sold a deluxe CD set version at $80. In order to evaluate the extent to which this strategy may influence on record companies and on the entire record industry, we need to estimate its impacts on the artists and the music audiences

  • Music And Technology Aid A Another

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    Music and technology aid one another. In a way a person can capture music they love through technology and then the electronic companies flourish due to the sale and popularity of these electronic devices. If a person wants to listen to music they can turn on a stereo or TV, choose a CD or DVD to play, or listen to a songs downloaded in ITunes. All of these devices are proof to show how technology is used to record, play, and change the way music is heard. A look through history will show how far

  • American Rock Band Paramore As A Case Study

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    With the fast rising technology and the closer world community, the music industry has changed dramatically in this modern world. In this case, I will choose an American rock band Paramore as a case study. I will first start with an overview and a brief history of the band, afterwards I will focus on the main four music business areas, which are Artist Management, Record Companies, Music Publishing and Live Performance, examining how they operate in the industry and their relationship between each

  • Apple, Inc., The Electronics And Beats Music

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    Apple acquires Beats. Apple, Inc., the electronics giant, has acquired Beats Music and Beats Electronics, the headphones giant, for $3.2 billion. Apple has enough money to buy or build any company they want to from ground up. So, why did Apple acquire Beats Electronics and Beats Music? According to NBC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Re/Code that the company "could build about anything that you could dream of," adding that acquiring Beats would give them a "head start" and add "kindred spirits"