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  • Music And Technology Aid A Another

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    Music and technology aid one another. In a way a person can capture music they love through technology and then the electronic companies flourish due to the sale and popularity of these electronic devices. If a person wants to listen to music they can turn on a stereo or TV, choose a CD or DVD to play, or listen to a songs downloaded in ITunes. All of these devices are proof to show how technology is used to record, play, and change the way music is heard. A look through history will show how far

  • American Rock Band Paramore As A Case Study

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    With the fast rising technology and the closer world community, the music industry has changed dramatically in this modern world. In this case, I will choose an American rock band Paramore as a case study. I will first start with an overview and a brief history of the band, afterwards I will focus on the main four music business areas, which are Artist Management, Record Companies, Music Publishing and Live Performance, examining how they operate in the industry and their relationship between each

  • Apple, Inc., The Electronics And Beats Music

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    Apple acquires Beats. Apple, Inc., the electronics giant, has acquired Beats Music and Beats Electronics, the headphones giant, for $3.2 billion. Apple has enough money to buy or build any company they want to from ground up. So, why did Apple acquire Beats Electronics and Beats Music? According to NBC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Re/Code that the company "could build about anything that you could dream of," adding that acquiring Beats would give them a "head start" and add "kindred spirits"

  • The Recording Industry After Hearing A Record Executive

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    The days of celebration after hearing a record executive say “I want to sign you to my label” are over. Back then major labels were the only ones with the connections to get one’s music video on MTV, get the music sounding professional, get songs on the radio, and many other things to build a fanbase. Now today, artists tend to battle with the thought of signing to a major label for an advance to put food on the table immediately, or to do everything a label could do for them on their own. In a

  • How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

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    If you would have told an artist back in the 1970’s that in the future there was going to be music exclusively made in a computer, with no use of actual instruments; that musicians would have portals such as iTunes, Pandora, Spotify or Soundcloud where the audience could listen to their music as they pleased on the go in their mobile phones or even their watches, they probably would have called you crazy. However, this is the reality we live in nowadays. Almost sixty years after that time and, as

  • Marketing Analysis : Sonic Records Essay

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    E-Sonic Strategic Analysis Student: Joseph Napiorkowski Mentor: Dr. Wang September 7, 2016  Strategic Analysis E-Sonic Executive Summary Sonic Records is a producer/ distributor of music and is going to develop and back E-Sonic as a subsidiary company for online music sales. E-Sonic is mainly operating under the categories of distribution, software, prerecorded audio distribution. This operating practices will be used to develop an online digital music store that will share the market with other

  • Contract Law and Music Copyright Essay

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    COURSEWORK FOR CONTRACT LAW (MUSIC*) *On what basis does the inclusion of samples of a recording made by *Pink Floyd constitute an infringement of copyright? In civil law regarding copyright, there are two types of infringement; primary and secondary. Primary is concerned with the unauthorised use of copyrighted works and secondary would involve the dealing or making commercial use of such infringing copies. In the music industry, an infringement of copyright often consists of an existing piece

  • Fork Radio Inc. : Overview

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    Overview Fork Radio Inc., DBA “SRCVINYL” is a leading retailing and manufacturing company within the vinyl record industry. In addition to selling vinyl records online and at two brick and mortar retail stores, srcivnyl currently works with the major record labels including, Sony, Universal and Warner Music, to release albums for Top 40 artists on the vinyl format. All SRCVinyl’s manufacturing is currently done at other facilities throughout the world. In 2015, over 17 million new vinyl records

  • The Evolution Of The Music Industry Essay

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    The evolution of the music industry follows the familiar pattern of digitization. Innovation began with the introduction of the vinyl record, transitioned from the cassette tape to the compact disc and landed us in an era of digital downloads. The emergence of music streaming services like Spotify has progressed the industry even further, giving consumers the ability to access music on demand using download-free online platforms. Spotify faces criticism from artists as a result of the overlap of

  • Research Paper On Sonic

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    Sonic has been a popular name in the music industry for over thirty plus years. This music company has decided to shorten their brick and mortar approach and expand its into the online music field. Entering into the online music scene, Sonic needs to have a well thought out strategic plan to operate this new function of business. In today’s world, having an online business is a plus. The plan to add an online music business will help this organization increase its revenue. The need of purchasing