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  • Analysis Of The Girl On The Train

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    on the Train. In the movie, audiences are captivated to watch a web of lies unravel until the spider is found. A longing for love, troubles with alcohol, endless hours of back and forth, and a malicious man plague the protagonist, Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt), as she tries to solve the puzzling mystery that surrounds the disappearance of Megan Hipwell (Haley Bennett). The Girl On the Train is an astounding film that shows how cinematic facades can reflect true tragedies and struggles that haunt people

  • Emily Blunt Ever Unfaithful

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    Emily Blunt, who's happily married to her husband John Krasinski, was previously in a relationship with jazz pop singer Michael Buble. The two called it quits in 2008 amid rumors that he was cheating on her. On Wednesday, when Howard Stern interviewed Blunt he mentioned that she and Buble were ''perfect'' together because they are both classy and elegant. Blunt let out a laugh and said she didn't know if she would call it that, but they "had a good time." Stern then asked Blunt if Buble was ever

  • Graduation Speech : Education, Kander Responded, And It Is Too Expensive

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    can do that would help a lot. I personally was amazed last year when Senator Blunt said something along the lines of the reason folks are graduating with so much debt is because of their lifestyle during school as if the extra bowl of ramen in the microwave was the reason that folks are graduating with an average of 26,000 dollars of debt. It 's interesting to hear Senator Blunt talk about Pell grants because Senator Blunt voted to cut Pell grants five years ago and he 's talking about is a situation

  • What Happened The Night Of The Murders?

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    witness, and suspect. 17 year old Mercer Fink is currently being held by authorities, for questioning, in the Cold Spring Detention Center. All though she maintains her innocence, the teen has the evidence stacked up against her. The autopsy showed blunt force trauma and a gunshot wound to the head were the causes of death for each of the victims while the ballistic report proved that the bullets came from the Fink family gun. Further tests are being done, but it looks like the troubled teen will rot

  • The Demise Of Homer Barron

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    Demise of Homer Barron In William Faulkner’s short story, “A Rose for Emily,” Ms. Emily Grierson, the title character in the story, is a very peculiar character. Introverted from society, trapped in a world of misconceptions, Emily never receives any psychiatric treatment, but she definitely exhibits symptoms of a mental illness. By examining Emily’s behavior and her social relationships, it is possible to conclude that Emily was mentally unstable and possessed a personal motivation to kill Homer

  • A Rose For Emily By William Faulkner

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    “ A Rose For Emily” Character Analysis Stubborn and a bit unstable, Emily Grierson is the main character of William Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily “. Emily is a prime example of a flat character because she seldom changes throughout the whole story. Emily acts as if nothing has changed over the years. In the town of Jefferson, It’s as if time went to a stood still. She shows this flat affect throughout the story in many instances. For example, like her refusing to pay her taxes, not keeping up

  • William Faulkner 's A Rose For Emily

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    Love, Loss and Longing—three traits that many would agree Emily Grierson, the main character from William Faulkner’s “A Rose For Emily”, experiences inexorably. At first glance, one might be confident in one’s understanding of the story at face-value, claiming it to be a thrilling mystery with a mysterious ending. Another may try to analyze contextual evidence to answer some of the many unanswered questions this story proposes. Why does Emily sleep with the corpse of her late husband? Why does she

  • Becoming A Deeper Enrollment Service Partnership

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    Emily joined us at the end of June 2016 as our Advisement & Registration and New Student Initiative Coordinator. Emily had the opportunity to shadow the outgoing A&R coordinator to meet campus partners and student advisors, observe how the program worked, learn our orientation process and system and get some hands-on, basic-level experience with our program. During the last 8 months, Emily has spent time meeting, building and collaborating with our campus partners and forging a personal connection

  • Analysis Of The Play Our Town

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    to offer. I agree with Emily when she asserts that human beings are “just blind people” because we fail to recognize and appreciate whatever we are fortunate enough to have. In my opinion, the producers of Our Town did an amazing job conveying this message with their minimal use of scenery and props in Acts 1-2. When Emily is up in heaven, she wishes for her spirit to return to Earth so that she can relive past experiences she considered to be “happy” moments; however, Emily ends up questioning whether

  • The Rose For Emily Comparison

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    The GreenLeaf, by Flannery O’Connor, and The Rose for Emily, written by William Faulkner, are different in many ways but also similar. The books both have similar literary devices being used, the era the books were staged in, and how the authors portrayed southern ideals . Flannery used smiles, such as when O’Connor wrote, “..hand would dangle from her wrist like the head of a broken lily.”, where she compared the hand of Mrs.May and a broken lily’s head. O’Connor also shown symbolism by the bull