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    CHARACTER DESCRIPTION INVOLVEMENT Steve Harmon Steve Harmon is a 16-year-old black man who is being convicted of felony murder and participating in a holdup at a drugstore. Steve grew up in a bad neighborhood and on multiple occasions admired the tough thug guys and even wanted to be like King (pg 96). His flashbacks show us that Steve did talk to King, Johnny and Cruz about a planned holdup, (pg 50) though in court he outright lies and says that he never talked to either one of them about anything

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    Memory used for testimony and convictions can be a very controversial way to incarcerate those who are being accused of a crime. For instance, some may believe that witness statements are reliable evidence able to prove someone’s innocence or guiltiness. Despite this, witness statements may contain lies or hidden, yet essential, parts of the truth that had been purposefully forgotten, which is also known as repression. In addition,witnesses or victims who have experienced trauma will most likely

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    Bright red, white, and blue lights are all my heavy, blurry eyes could see through wide front widows of my house. The horrendous wailing of the sirens was the only thing that was keeping me from being swept out of reality. As I was trying to organize my tangled thoughts, I flashed back to last night. Last night I stood in a small family house located in a tight-knit neighborhood, and I was wiping my blood soaked hands on my black pants. Each image from the night before left a permanent imprint on

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