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    EMPLOYMENT LAW Introduction The aim of this Assessment is to demonstrate an understanding of employment regulation and how it is enforced. Other areas covered include; how to manage recruitment, manage issues relating to pay and working time lawfully and how to ensure that staff are treated lawfully when they at work. Finally it will cover managing performance and disciplinary matters lawfully. Activity 1 The purpose of Employment Law is to provide legal protection to employees and employers. Employment

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    Employment law. S230 (1) of the ERA an Ee as ‘an individual who has entered into work or works under a contract of employment.’ How the court decide: 1) they use control test-Yewens V Noakes [1880] ‘A servant is a person subject to the command of his master as to the manner in which he does his work.’ 2) Walker V Crystal Palace Football Club [1910] Emphasis changes- court looks at does the Er control the background arrangement; where and when work done; holiday arrangements. Held; footballer was

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    Introduction: The purpose of this paper is to analyze the USA employment regulation after a merge has occurred globally. This position paper is going to brief the audience globally on the USA employment laws and regulations but not limited to Sexual harassment, Wage and Salary Legislation, Recruitment, Interviewing, Affirmative Action, Equal Employment and the ADA. This paper will go over the history of a few of the important acts that have been passed over the years to protect employees in the

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    At Will law was situated into place to safeguard both the employee and the employer. By creating the employment at will law; both the employer and employee are able to cancel the contract at any time without consequence. “Employment at-will means that employers are able to terminate ones employment at any time, for any cause - with or without notice”, Rogers, S. 2012. By the late 1800’s the doctrine “At Will Employment” was established in the United States. The principle was valued at first

  • The Employment Laws

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    Introduction The purpose of this research is to prove that the employment at will doctrine does not protect the employee population in the United States. The fact that if you look at the way the doctrine is written it protects the employers and firms, and this as a result creates discrimination. This in itself creates an unsafe and sometime unstable work environment because of the potential for high turnover, costly training, and low morale amongst employees. There are certain factors that must

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    In every country there are many federal, state and local laws that influence workplaces, and it is important for employers to follow these laws in order to understanding their responsibilities, and create a harmonious workplace. These laws guarantee rights in the workplace such as hours of work and overtime pay, minimum wage, pay, safe workplace, vacation time and vacation pay, public holidays, coffee and meal breaks, pregnancy leave and parental leave, personal emergency leave, family medical leave

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    ------------------------------------------------- Employment Law Assignment 1 June 22, 2016 June 22, 2016 Employment Law: Assignment 1: Question 1: (A)(i) Maternity Leave Employee’s that become pregnant, are entitled to take maternity leave. This entitlement, extends to all female employees, regardless of how long they’ve worked in the organisation, or number of hours worked each week. It is possible to avail of further unpaid maternity leave. The Maternity Protection

  • Employment and Labor Law

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    Employment and Labor Law Employment and Labor law initially arose out of protection for employee as a result of the outcomes being one-sided towards employers. There are four categories dealing with employment law. The most famous of these is the Employment at Will which is also known as the Law of Wrongful discharge to many. Pay and Benefits is another category to be mindful of when thinking in terms of Labor Law, this category also includes safety and privacy issues for the employee. The

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    Q1 – Understand the purpose of employment regulation and the way it is enforced in practice. Explain the purpose of employment law and how it is enforced. Describe the role played by the tribunal and courts system in enforcing employment law. Include how cases are settled before and during formal legal proceedings. (1.1, 1.2, 1.3) 1.1 – Explain the aims and objectives of employment regulation Employment law dates back to the 14th century, with the first labour legislation, the Ordinance of labourers

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    Introduction In many countries the state’s role in employment relations is not something that can be ignored. The state, which is characterized by a set of institutions made of the executive, legislature, the judiciary, the local government and the police, is a system of political domination that exercises power with the legitimate usage of violence, money supply and taxation. The presence of the state in any aspect of life of its citizens is pervasive, whether it is through macroeconomic policies