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  • The Learning Environment In A High School English Classroom

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    The learning environment I chose to create mirrors what my high school English class would ideally look like if money was no object. According to the USC Rossier School of Education, on average, students in the United Stated spend about 11,700 hours of their lives inside school buildings. I chose to design a comfortable, calm learning space, that reflects passion-based learning, with a neutral color scheme and flexible seating arrangements to optimize my student’s learning style and environment so

  • The Challenges Of Multilingualism In The English-Language Classroom

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    The articles reviewed until now have made no distinction between English-speaking students and minority language speaking students even though the latter face these same challenges on top of the added and unique obstacle of language. Jim Cummins, in his article Multilingualism in the English-Language classroom: Pedagogical considerations, addresses the obstacles minority speaking children face in monolingual classrooms and how taking advantage of their native language would actually improve their

  • Developing A Classroom With English Language Learners

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    Introduction Working in a classroom with English Language Learners can be a great learning experience for those going to school to become teachers. Something that I was curious about in the kindergarten classroom that I am in, is how the ELL student’s in the class could learn different educational skills in a way that would be beneficial to them. What are the different strategies that teachers can use with ELL students to make them better learners? Through my question, my hope is to find out different

  • Instruction For The English Language Arts Classroom

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    topic I chose to focus my synthesis paper on was differentiating instruction in the English Language Arts classroom. I selected this particular area as my focus because I am a sixth grade English Language Arts teacher and am always looking for ways to better diversify what I do in my classroom to help all of my students. I found three wonderful articles that gave me fresh perspective on ways to help my classroom be more successful. The articles I chose to focus on involved using journal letters

  • Improving Teacher–Student Interaction in the English Classroom

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    Improving teacher–student interaction in the English classroom Acknowledgement I would like to acknowledge all the students and the teachers from Newman Catholic College who helped and guided me to formulate my research topic, as well as, the process of carrying out the action plan. Abstract This paper offers an example of how to apply action research to improve and explore the patterns of teacher-student verbal communication that existed in my classroom. Pre and post survey and teacher observation

  • Misconceptions In The English Classroom

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    Misconceptions in an English Classroom As the great Hannah Montana once said in her hit song “Nobody’s Perfect”, “Everybody makes mistakes / Everybody has those days.” These lyrics relate to the fact that, since nobody is perfect, everybody has misunderstandings – this is especially true in a school environment. When thinking about the misunderstandings that can occur in an English class, many people will often think of grammar and writing related misunderstandings, which are fairly common, but some

  • Speed Theorizing: Should English Teachers Be Language Cops In The Classroom?

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    Speed Theorizing: Should English Teachers be “Language Cops” in the Classroom? If teachers act as the “language police” in their classrooms, how do they decide what is considered a violation and what is considered within acceptable bounds? Who decides what language is within the acceptable bounds? When teachers avoid being “language cops,” are they hurting their students by deemphasizing standard English that is prominent in the world? These are questions that need to be acknowledged by educators

  • The Effects Of Explicit Writing Instruction On The English Language Classroom

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    Explicit writing instruction combined with providing detailed and effective feedback is the driving force English language students need to be successful writers. Educators agree that written feedback is needed and should be applied with the intent of improving student’s writing skills. Unfortunately, educators and researchers often disagree on what written feedback method should be used, when students should be corrected and how often. In an effort to establish a widespread view on the subject,

  • Technology and the English Classroom Essay

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    Technology and the English Classroom To deny the power of technology in an English classroom is to deprive students from an enriching and revolutionary experience. Unfortunately, it is hard for many English teachers to face the realization behind this analogy. Members of this outdated group feel that technology would require them to put down their beloved novels and anthologies, throw away their countless photocopies of Langston Hughes poetry, and even close down the school library

  • English Classroom Observation Report

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    empirical data from the observations carried out in a Kindergarten I have been observing since March. Regarding the English teacher, she has utter freedom in what and how to teach. Nevertheless, she tries to plan the lessons with the main teacher to try to present the learners similar vocabulary in Spanish and in English. The aim of the institution is that students can approach to English in a friendly and positive atmosphere.