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  • Should Immigrants Learn English

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    coming to America should learn to communicate in English instead of their native language. Immigrants should speak English to get rid of racial comments. Everyone speaking one language is communicating to the fullest. Talking to one another in a language we are not familiar with is won’t help communicate with others. People who think that immigrants should learn to speak English may just be mad because they can’t eavesdrop on their conversation. If immigrants were to learn English, they would not

  • Essay on Should English Be Official?

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    Should English Be Official? United States is a nation accommodating multi-ethnic groups of almost 500000 Americans. Since 1960s, America has received an increasing number of newcomers and immigrants from all over the world. However, language communication has somehow become a latent problem, whether in economical, political, or social aspects. Although English has been the common language of America for over two hundred years, it has never become the official language. Therefore, question like

  • Immigrants Should Be Required To Learn English

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    Immigrants Should Be Required to Learn English The problem of immigrants not knowing the English language has been a controversial topic for years. Congress has went as far as making a bill, and speaking out to the public- asking their opinions, usenglish.org. Simple tasks like buying groceries or ordering food at a restaurant are made complicated because of the language complication. If immigrants knew the native language, it can help them in the long run, and it can also increase their pay. Immigrants

  • Should English For Replace Bilingual Education

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    from all over the world. During 2004 more or less about 5.3 percent or 2.8 million of Kinder-twelve grade students were classified as being limited in English proficiency. Most of these students came from homes where only Spanish was spoken by their parents and other family members living with them. I have chosen to do my research on “Should English immersions replace bilingual education”. This topic interested me as soon as I saw it because it is something I can relate to. When I was a child, my

  • Should English Be The Official Language Essay

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    to ruin, preventing all possibility of it continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities. We have but one flag; we must also learn one language, and that language is English.” Indeed, in the United States, English should be the official language because we need a strong central language to unite all citizen, and it will help immigrants connect and succeed in America. Language barriers, cultural differences, and immigration have been a part

  • English Should be the National Language Essay

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    language of English, but there are still many immigrants who do not know English. Bilingual education is put into public schools for this reason, so that immigrant children can be assimilated to English gradually. The national language

  • Should English Be the Official Language of the Us

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    Should English be the Official Language in the United States Even though other countries have their own official language, not making English the official language in the U.S. will help preserve the different cultures that decide to live in the US. Communities are built based on cultures and the U. S. economy depends on other countries and their people. One of the greatest barriers today in the U.S. is the effectiveness of communication. Whether that communication is written or verbal there is

  • Should English Be Ficial Universal Language?

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    Should English be the Official Universal Language? English has become the most widespread and powerful language on Earth. The imperial English Empire spread English across the globe; from America to Asia. English’s position in the world was cemented by US cultural and diplomatic dominance; evident in American movies, fast food, and clothing. English has proven it is not moving anywhere anytime soon, as English only grows in use over time. Thus a debate has arisen: Should English be the official

  • Essay On English Should Not Be The Global Language

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    Nowadays English grow to be the first language to use internationally in academic or daily communication, English is one of the most spoken languages in the world and is by far the most common second language in the world. Linguischtick (2015) left his comment under Nielsen’s bog said Spreading English has definitely contributed to the death of smaller linguistic groups. I don’t wish to minimize the damage. But the future may be a little bit less boring than you think. Through his blog “Why English Should

  • Should English Be the National Language of the Us

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    ethnic groups, speaking in many different tongues came to America. English arose as the predominant language of the United States. Over time, people realized the importance of staying in touch with their cultural backgrounds, including the language of their native countries. The main problem presented now lies in communication and interaction with each other. It is obvious that miscommunication causes problems. An "English Only" law will unite Americans and give them all a common ground on which