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  • Flood, Atrahasis Flood And The Epic Of Gilgamesh Flood

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    Throughout the Genesis Flood, Atrahasis Flood and the Epic of Gilgamesh flood, there are many different ways to interpret the different views of The Flood. These different narratives in these stories have their own explanation on how this myth took place and the different beliefs that occurred during this flood. The way you portray each narrative is based on what exactly your beliefs are. When comparing the Genesis Flood narrative to that of the Gilgamesh Flood narrative, there are many similar

  • The Sumerian Deities : Religion

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    Nammu is the goddess who "has given birth to the great gods". It is she who has the idea of creating mankind, and she goes to wake up Enki, who is asleep in the Apsu, so that he may set the process going. Anu is the sky god. He is the supreme ruler of all the gods. His symbol is the horned cap. Mesopotamian myths tell the story of how the earth was separated from heaven at the beginning

  • Essay on Gilgamesh

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    believe you wouldn’t want the food down there. Those who are sent on an errand to the netherworld are cautioned not to partake of any water or food offerred them. In Inanna’s Descent Enki fashions an elegist and myrmidon out of the dirt beneath his fingernails, appropriately for their task is to the netherworld. Enki warns these two that, “They will offer you the river at its high water, may you not except it. They will offer you the field when in grain, may you not except it.” Perhaps by refusing