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  • Inclusion and Equality

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    Task 1 Explain briefly what is meant by the terms equality, diversity and inclusion. Write your answers in the boxes below: |Diversity |The difference between individuals and groups in society e.g cultures and religion | |Equality |To see each child as an individual and help them achieve what they are good at | |Inclusion |Identifying understanding and breaking down barriers

  • Equality Diversity Inclusion

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    1.1 Explain what is meant by. Equality Equality is treating people fairly and making sure that everyone is given a fair chance and that their individual needs are met. It’s about giving all sections of the community equal access to employment, education and other services that are provided whilst valuing and respecting them. Recognising that different sections of the community require specific measures to make sure they receive equality. Recognising how and why some groups are underrepresented

  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion

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    Donna Pitt Unit 204 – Equality, diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people Assignment 2 In my opinion living in a diverse society, along with understanding and knowledge is a positive route to acceptance on a variety of levels. When looking at my own life values and experiences I feel that as a person I don’t have prejudices and discrimination, however dependant on circumstances and peers I may on occasion say something deemed to be a prejudice. However the audience I have

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

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    'diversity' is much more than just a new word for equality. A diversity approach aims to recognise, value and manage difference to enable all employees to contribute and realise their full potential. Diversity challenges us to recognise and value all sorts of differences in order to make our environment a better place for everyone to work b) Equality- Equality is about making sure people are treated fairly and given fair chances. Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but

  • Champion equality, diversity and inclusion

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    Champion equality, diversity and inclusion       1.1 Explain the models of practice that underpin equality, diversity and inclusion in own area of responsibility. Equality is to treat all as individuals; to respect race, disability, age, gender, religion, beliefs ,culture and sexual orientation. For all to be open to opportunities, to be treated fairly and respectfully, have rights and equal status in society and for all to reach their full potential. Diversity is to value that we are all unique

  • 2.4. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

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    TDA Unit 204 Equality, diversity & inclusion in work with children & young people [1.1].In your setting, there is a range of policies which formally sets out guidelines and procedures for ensuring equality. The policies must take into account the rights of all individuals and groups within the school as well as considering the ways policies work to ensure equality, inclusion. Policies also pay regards to the values and practice, which are part of all aspect of school life.  United Nation’s Convention

  • Diversity, Inclusion, And Equality Within The World

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    diversity, inclusion, and equality within their ranks. The hyper-masculine culture that has been at the core of many military values has facilitated a perspective that excludes certain populations. Women of all backgrounds as well as gay men have struggled through the years for their right to service. This essay serves to explore the struggles as well as progress the Australian Defense Force has facilitated with its LGBTQ officers, and to analyze the current state of equality and inclusion that the

  • Describe Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Participation

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    Reference: Wikipedia, Inclusion (education), 22 October 2013, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inclusion_(education) Participation Participation is the act of participating and being involved in activities, decisions, planning and sharing. Participation is important for the

  • What Are The Potential Barriers To Equality And Inclusion

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    1.2 – Analyse the potential effects of barriers to equality and inclusion in own area of responsibility Due to the amount of practices that can be sourced to implement into the working environment there are a number of barriers that can occur, these can be put into categories: Personal These barriers relate to individuals having differing personalities, if someone has lack of self-esteem or poor interpersonal interactions and communication it can affect the way they treat others. They may be unaware

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Work with Children

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    Unit 204 Outcome 3 What is meant by Inclusive and Inclusion Practice? Inclusive practice is identifying and understanding any barriers that are stopping children from completing the activity. We have to make sure that whatever the child’s background they are able to fully join in with everything within the school. This will make the children feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Inclusion does not mean that we view each other the same or provide the same work, it is about making sure we